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    Welding skate with computerized control Patent

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    Development of apparatus for automatically changing carriage speed of welding machine to obtain constant speed of torch along work surfac

    Welding skate with computerized controls

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    New welding skate concept for automatic TIG welding of contoured or double-contoured parts combines lightweight welding apparatus with electrical circuitry which computes the desired torch angle and positions a torch and cold-wire guide angle manipulator

    Computerized adaptive control weld skate with CCTV weld guidance project

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    This report summarizes progress of the automatic computerized weld skate development portion of the Computerized Weld Skate with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Arc Guidance Project. The main goal of the project is to develop an automatic welding skate demonstration model equipped with CCTV weld guidance. The three main goals of the overall project are to: (1) develop a demonstration model computerized weld skate system, (2) develop a demonstration model automatic CCTV guidance system, and (3) integrate the two systems into a demonstration model of computerized weld skate with CCTV weld guidance for welding contoured parts

    Thermal and oxidative degradation of aromatic and heterocyclic polymers Progress report, 1 Aug. 1968 - 1 Feb. 1969

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    Thermal and oxydative decomposition of aromatic and heterocyclic polymer

    Thermal and oxidative degradation of aromatic and heterocyclic polymers Progress report, May 1, 1966 - Aug. 1, 1967

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    Thermogravimetric measurements on high temperature polycarbonate pyrolytic product

    Polymer decomposition initiated by high energy radiation Progress report, Nov. 1965 - May 1966

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    Polymer decomposition initiated by high energy radiatio

    An indecomposable PD_3-complex : II

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    We show that there are two homotopy types of PD_3-complexes with fundamental group S_3*_{Z/2Z}S_3, and give explicit constructions for each, which differ only in the attachment of the top cell.Comment: Published by Algebraic and Geometric Topology at http://www.maths.warwick.ac.uk/agt/AGTVol4/agt-4-47.abs.htm

    Flare angles measured with ball gage

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    Precision tungsten carbide balls measure the internal angle of flared joints. Measurements from small and large balls in the flare throat to an external reference point are made. The difference in distances and diameters determine the average slope of the flare between the points of ball contact
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