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    Farmers’ acceptance of further strengthening of private certification systems

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    In their continuous quest for ecologic improvements, private voluntary certification initiatives might undermine the willingness to continue of the participating farmers. In this research, the ecologic contribution and the farmers’ acceptance of changing the pesticide policy of a private certification initiative is presented. To measure the perceived farmers’ disutility, the choice preference technique is used. We can conclude that there is room for ecologic improvements but that farmers are in general change averse, primarily because of the fear that price compensation will remain largely absent.choice preference, pesticides, certification, Crop Production/Industries, Demand and Price Analysis,

    Physical and chemical characterisation of some silicas and silica derivatives

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    An extensive study of four types of porous silica supports has been performed, with particular emphasis on their physical and morphological characteristics. These silicas were modified by reacting the surface silanol groups present with either 3-(trimethoxysilyl)propylmethacrylate or 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane or 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, to produce derivatives with suitable functional groups for further utilisation in the immobilisation of biological compounds. The silicas and their derivatives used were fully characterised with regard to particle size distribution (laser light scattering), specific surface area (BET method), pore size distribution (gas adsorption and mercury porosimetry), density (helium pycnometry), yield of grafting (TGA) and chemical composition (FTIR/DRIFT).http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/B6TH9-3TXCN74-C/1/0c8b28b8c7165139b2661a2e21e0355

    Fostering European Collaborations: EUFRAT and work done at the accelerator facilities of JRC-IRMM

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    The European Commission via the General Directorate RTD in its different Framework Programs supported collaborations of member state institutions dealing with nuclear data. The projects EFNUDAT, ERINDA, CHANDA and EUFRAT all have in common Transnational Access Activities (TAA) to partner institutions. Within the past 10 years the collaborations have grown and in CHANDA now 35 partners are involved of which 16 offer TAA to their facilities. Since June 2014 JRC-IRMM, one of the driving forces behind the TAA, launched its own TAA project EUFRAT to foster collaborations with member states institutions. The calls for proposals are open ended with a deadline twice a year. A Project Advisory Committee discusses the proposals and decides on about approval. Financial support is given to approved proposals for two scientists. So far two calls have been evaluated with a request for access totalling more than 5000 h. Examples of proposals at the accelerator facilities at the JRC-IRMM are presented showing the multitude of possibilities using the nuclear facilities at the JRC-IRMM

    Characterization of nuclear material by Neutron Resonance Transmission Analysis

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    The use of Neutron Resonance Transmission Analysis for the characterization of nuclear materials is discussed. The method, which relies on resonance structures in neutron-induced reaction cross sections, can be applied as a non-destructive method to characterise complex nuclear materials such as melted fuel resulting from a severe nuclear accident. Results of a demonstration experiment at the GELINA facility reveal that accurate data can be obtained at a compact facility even in the case of strong overlapping resonances
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