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    Concentration of the distance between points in the unit ball

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    We prove that in every finite dimensional normed space, for “most” pairs (x, y) of points in the unit ball, ║x − y║ is more than √2(1 − ε). As a consequence, we obtain a result proved by Bourgain, using QS-decomposition, that guarantees an exponentially large number of points in the unit ball any two of which are separated by more than √2(1 − ε)

    Automatically attaching web pages to an ontology

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    This paper describes a proposed system for automatically attaching material from the world wide web to concepts in an ontology. The motivation for this research stems from the Diogene project, which requires the project's own databases of learning objects to be augmented with additional resources from the web. Two main approaches to this problem are being taken: one using ontology mapping, and another based on the conventional text search facilities of the web, covered in this paper. By generating queries based on the concepts in the ontology, the aim is to retrieve material from the web, and then filter it to ensure its proper correspondence with a concept. The Diogene system will be briefly outlined, before the query-generation system is described. A small pilot experiment, designed to provide some initial results and insight into the problem, is then presented

    Ontology mapping by concept similarity

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    This paper presents an approach to the problem of mapping ontologies. The motivation for the research stems from the Diogene Project which is developing a web training environment for ICT professionals. The system includes high quality training material from registered content providers, and free web material will also be made available through the project's "Web Discovery" component. This involves using web search engines to locate relevant material, and mapping the ontology at the core of the Diogene system to other ontologies that exist on the Semantic Web. The project's approach to ontology mapping is presented, and an evaluation of this method is described

    Braiding simulation for RTM preforms

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    Braiding is a manufacturing process that is increasingly being used to manufacture pre-forms for Resin Transfer Moulding. A fast simulation method is presented for the prediction of the fibre distribution on complex braided parts and complex kinetic situations (e.g. changes in velocity, orientation). The implementation is suited for triangular surface representations as generated by many CAD software packages in use. Experimental results are presented to validate the model predictions, showing an acceptable correlation with the data predicted by the simulation method. The guide ring dimensions and spacing appear to have a significant effect on the accuracy of the predicted fibre orientations