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    It’s a man’s world? I maschi malvagi di Niccolò Ammaniti

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    1. Leggendo i romanzi e racconti di Niccolò Ammaniti, ci s’imbatte regolarmente in personaggi maschili che, per l’aspetto fisico, per i comportamenti aggressivi, per le opinioni che esprimono e le vicende in cui sono coinvolti (e in cui è spesso questione di una esibizione piuttosto disgustosa di una serie di funzioni corporali), difficilmente susciteranno nel lettore sentimenti spontanei di simpatia o identificazione; al contrario, si tratta di personaggi poco appetitosi o addirittura repel..

    Fundamental tarification of electricity

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    Over the past decade, Power Quality (PQ) issues became increasingly important. The most cited PQ problems are voltage dips, harmonic distortion and transient phenomena. The tarification method which is mostly used, tarifies the instantaneous active power. When absorbing harmonic power, e.g. when using an active filter, the customer has to pay for this. To overcome this, a tarification method is proposed. The FUndamental Tarification (FUT) method which is proposed tarifies a power which is based on the fundamental component of the grid voltage. An exaggerated effect can be implemented such that the customer is remunerated for increasing the Power Quality by absorbing harmonic power

    Unipept Desktop : a faster, more powerful metaproteomics results analysis tool

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    Metaproteomics has become an important research tool to study microbial systems, which has resulted in increased metaproteomics data generation. However, efficient tools for processing the acquired data have lagged behind. One widely used tool for metaproteomics data interpretation is Unipept, a web-based tool that provides, amongst others, interactive and insightful visualizations. Due to its web-based implementation, however, the Unipept web application is limited in the amount of data that can be analyzed. In this manuscript we therefore present Unipept Desktop, a desktop application version of Unipept that is designed to drastically increase the throughput and capacity of metaproteomics data analysis. Moreover, it provides a novel comparative analysis pipeline and improves the organization of experimental data into projects, thus addressing the growing need for more performant and versatile analysis tools for metaproteomics data

    Acute pancreatitis in two dogs

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    Acute pancreatitis in 2 dogs is discussed. A possible underlying cause was present in 1 dog. The clinical signs and routine blood results were unspecific and insufficient to confirm the diagnosis. Acute pancreatitis was diagnosed during exploratory celiotomy (case 1) and by abdominal ultrasonography (case 2). Aggressive medical treatment consisted of fluid administration, analgesics, anti-ulcer therapy, antibiotics, transfusion of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and nutritional support. Despite the presence of negative prognostic factors, intensive therapy and monitoring resulted in complete recovery in both patients

    Biodiversity analysis of metaproteomics samples with Unipept: a comprehensive tutorial

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    Metaproteomics has become a crucial omics technology for studying microbiomes. In this area, the Unipept ecosystem, accessible at https://unipept.ugent.be, has emerged as an invaluable resource for analyzing metaproteomic data. It offers in-depth insights into both taxonomic distributions and functional characteristics of complex ecosystems. This tutorial explains essential concepts like Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) determination and the handling of peptides with missed cleavages. It also provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on using the Unipept Web application and Unipept Desktop for thorough metaproteomics analyses. By integrating theoretical principles with practical methodologies, this tutorial empowers researchers with the essential knowledge and tools needed to fully utilize metaproteomics in their microbiome studies
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