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    Status of International Lattice Data Grid -- An Overview --

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    We report on the status of the International Lattice Data Grid.Comment: Lattice2004(ILDG),2 page

    Status of the CP-PACS Project

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    The CP-PACS computer with a peak speed of 300 Gflops was completed in March 1996 and has started to operate. We describe the final specification and the hardware implementation of the CP-PACS computer, and its performance for QCD codes. A plan of the grade-up of the computer scheduled for fall of 1996 is also given.Comment: Talk presented at LATTICE96(machines), 3 pages including 5 PS figure

    Hadron Spectrum from Lattice QCD

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    A brief review is given of the lattice QCD calculation of the hadron spectrum. The status of current attempts toward inclusion of dynamical up, down and strange quarks is summarized focusing on our own work. Recent work on the possible existence of pentaquark states are assessed. We touch upon the PACS-CS Project for building our next machine for lattice QCD, and conclude with a near-term physics and machine prospects.Comment: Talk given at the International Conference on QCD and Hadronic Physics, Beijing, June 16-20, 2005. References added and correcte

    Finite-Temperature Phase Structure of Lattice QCD with the Wilson Quark Action for Two and Four Flavors

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    We present further analyses of the finite-temperature phase structure of lattice QCD with the Wilson quark action based on spontaneous breakdown of parity-flavor symmetry. Results are reported on (i) an explicit demonstration of spontaneous breakdown of parity-flavor symmetry beyond the critical line, (ii) phase structure and order of chiral transition for the case of Nf=4N_f=4 flavors, and (iii) approach toward the continuum limit.Comment: Poster presented at LATTICE96(finite temperature); 4 pages, Latex, uses espcrc2 and epsf, seven ps figures include