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    Effects of surface crossing in chemical reactions - The H3/plus/ system

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    Potential energy surfaces for singlet states of H3/plus

    The Scalar Sector in 331 Models

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    We calculate the exact tree-level scalar mass matrices resulting from symmetry breaking using the most general gauge-invariant scalar potential of the 331 model, both with and without the condition that lepton number is conserved. Physical masses are also obtained in some cases, as well as couplings to standard and exotic gauge bosons.Comment: LaTex, 15 page

    A crossed beam study of the reaction N/plus/ plus O2 yields NO/plus/ plus O

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    Studying reaction N/plus/ plus O2 yields NO/plus/ plus O as function of collision energy using crossed beam

    Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Open Quantum-Classical Systems: Forward-Backward Trajectory Solution

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    A new approximate solution to the quantum-classical Liouville equation is derived starting from the formal solution of this equation in forward-backward form. The time evolution of a mixed quantum-classical system described by this equation is obtained in a coherent state basis using the mapping representation, which expresses NN quantum degrees of freedom in a 2N-dimensional phase space. The solution yields a simple non-Hamiltonian dynamics in which a set of NN coherent state coordinates evolve in forward and backward trajectories while the bath coordinates evolve under the influence of the mean potential that depends on these forward and backward trajectories. It is shown that the solution satisfies the differential form of the quantum-classical Liouville equation exactly. Relations to other mixed quantum-classical and semi-classical schemes are discussed.Comment: 28 pages, 1 figur

    Military Commissions Are Governed by Military and International Law: \u3cem\u3eHamdan v. Rumsfeld\u3c/em\u3e

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    The Supreme Court of the United States held that military commission procedures to try Guantanamo Bay detainees must be consistent with both court-martial proceedings and the Geneva Conventions, insofar as practicable. Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, 126 S. Ct. 2749 (2006)

    Better Rations, More Eggs, Greater Profits

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    SummaryFeeding Hens for Egg ProductionThe chief interest of poultry raisers is to receive a reasonable return from their investment over the costs of stock, housing, feeding, and labor. Proper feeding alone will not do this, as successful poultry production depends on four major essentials, together with many minor ones. These major essentials are:(1) birds bred for egg production, or good breeding(2)good housing(3)proper feeding(4)sanitation and managementReasons for Feeding(1) Maintenance, repair of body tissues, storing of fat.(2) To supply heat and energy.(3) For reproduction, or egg production

    Chick Brooding, Feeding and Management

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    Good Breeding for Egg Production. Good Housing. Proper Feeding. Sanitation and Management. These are the four fundamentals of successful poultry production. While it is true that the greatest need of the Northwest is better bred laying stock, neglect of any of these essentials will result in lowered income from the poultry enterprise. This circular is written to present a starting and growing ration that has been tested on thousands of chicks, including all those raised at the South Dakota experiment station for the last three years, as well as additional information on chick management

    Possible Local Spiral Counterparts to Compact Blue Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift

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    We identify nearby disk galaxies with optical structural parameters similar to those of intermediate-redshift compact blue galaxies. By comparing HI and optical emission-line widths, we show that the optical widths substantially underestimate the true kinematic widths of the local galaxies. By analogy, optical emission-line widths may underrepresent the masses of intermediate-z compact objects. For the nearby galaxies, the compact blue morphology is the result of tidally-triggered central star formation: we argue that interactions and minor mergers may cause apparently compact morphology at higher redshift.Comment: 5 pages, uses emulateapj5 and psfig. To appear in ApJ

    Dialogues in the making: Collaborative archaeology in Sudan

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    In this paper we introduce the Mograt Island Collaborative Project. Launched in 2014, this project aims to share archaeological narratives with members of a local community in Sudan, and with other stakeholders engaged with the area’s past, building on a collaborative process which investigates how archaeological outputs can be explored together in a meaningful way. We discuss the wider context in which the project takes place, its individual steps, the factual outcome of its first phase, and its evaluation in spring 2018. We share this case study to promote collaborative practice in postcolonial, present-day majority Muslim contexts, such as the Nile valley countries, where the approach is thus far underrepresented. Reflecting on the project’s trajectory and its results, we also present critical thoughts on its potentials and challenges which can be helpful for readers working in similar contexts
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