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    Media communication as a factor of diaspora self-organization

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    Intensively developing information and information and communication technologies contribute to the transformation of the modern international students’ migration process. There is a need to redefine and rethink many concepts, including the concept of diaspora, as well as rethinking the role of Internet technologies in diaspora communication processes, which are formed at several levels: migrant – country of origin and migrant – recipient country. The nature of interactions of a foreign citizen is changing not only with his historical homeland, but also with the state in which he finds himself. It becomes obvious that Internet technologies and Internet communications can influence the process of adaptation of foreign students, as well as the nature of their interactions with compatriots and representatives of other socio-cultural environment. Media communication, which is formed in the Internet, has an impact on the organization of the diaspora, on its self-organization, which requires studying this area, as well as possible aspects of self-organization in new media conditions. In this article, the authors attempt to analyze how modern Internet technologies help a foreign student at various stages of his adaptation to new socio-cultural conditions, also assess the role of Internet technologies in the preparatory stage, when a foreign student is just planning his move and actively searching for reliable information about possible obstacles, problems and opportunities of his stay in a new territory. An important section of the article is the analysis of Internet technologies as a mechanism of diaspora communication, as well as a mechanism for implementing the communicative capital of the diaspora in the process of adaptation of a foreign student and his integration into new socio–cultural conditions and the educational environment of the university

    The effectiveness of Soderm® - forte gel and a new injectable dosage form of Rexod® in the complex treatment of experimental periodontitis in rats

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    Insufficient effectiveness of traditional drug therapy in a treatment of patients with chronic generalized periodontitis, as well as high social significance of this problem, determines the need to search for new drugs and their compositions aimed at solving i

    The effect of the composition of Soderm-Forte gel and the new injectable form of Rexod on pathology findings in gingival tissue in experimental periodontitis in rats

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    The combination of TDT, Soderm-Forte gel and the NIF of Rexod shows the most beneficial effect on the pathological processes in the gum. The pharmacotherapeutic effect of the studied combination promotes the earliest regeneration of damaged gum tissues and reduces the risk of persistent pathology changes in the

    Новообразования молочной железы с неопределенным потенциалом злокачественности (B3): опыт применения вакуум-ассистированной биопсии под ультразвуковой навигацией

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    INTRODUCTION: Introduction of breast cancer screening programs has led to an increase in detection of non-palpable masses requiring core needle biopsy. Masses that fall into B3 category based on the histological results of core biopsy specimens, are of interest precisely because of their uncertain malignant potential and the lack of a final consensus on their management.OBJECTIVE: To analyze the 3-year experience of ultrasound guided vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) in patients with B3 breast lesions based on the results of histological examination of core biopsy specimens.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between June 2019 and June 2022, 163 VABs were performed. The study group included patients with category 2–4 breast lesions according to the BI-RADS scoring system. The decision to perform VAB was made by the oncologist in each specific case on the basis of anamnesis, clinical data and the results of core biopsy histological examination: in cases of B3 or B2 lesions with a discordant radiologic pattern.RESULTS: In 155 (95.0%) cases, the removed lesions were benign, invasive cancer was detected in 2 (1.2%) cases, ductal cancer in situ in 6 cases (3.8%). The сomplications included: in 5 (3.1%) cases, patients had pain after the procedure, and in 37 (22.7%) cases there was a hematoma. In 5 (3.1%) patients, residual tissue was found at the site of removed lesions. CONCLUSIONS: VAB is a safe alternative to exploratory surgery in patients with B3 lesions diagnosed by core biopsy.ВВЕДЕНИЕ: Внедрение программ скрининга рака молочных желез привело к увеличению частоты обнаружения непальпируемых образований, требующих проведения трепан-биопсии. Новообразования, попадающие в категорию B3, согласно результатам гистологического исследования трепанбиоптатов, вызывают интерес именно из-за их неопределенного потенциала злокачественности и отсутствия окончательного консенсуса дальнейшей тактики.ЦЕЛЬ: Проанализировать 3-летний опыт применения вакуум-ассистированной биопсии (ВАБ) под ультразвуковым контролем у пациенток с очаговыми новообразованиями молочных желез при полученных результатах гистологического исследования трепан-биоптатов.МАТЕРИАЛЫ И МЕТОДЫ: В период с июня 2019 г. по июнь 2022 г было выполнено 163 ВАБ. В группу исследования вошли пациентки с новообразованиями молочных желез категорий 2–4 по шкале BI-RADS. Решение о выполнении ВАБ принималось онкологом в каждом конкретном случае на основании анамнестических, клинических данных и результатов гистологического исследования трепан-биоптатов: при определении образований категории В3 или В2 при дискордантной лучевой картине.РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ: В 155 (95,0%) случаях удаленные новообразования имели доброкачественный характер, инвазивный рак выявлен в 2 (1,2%) случаях, протоковый рак in situ — в 6 случаях (3,8%). Осложнения: в 5 (3,1%) случаях после проведенной процедуры у пациенток имелся болевой симптом, а в 37 (22,7%) случаях проведение процедуры сопровождалось появлением гематомы. У 5 (3,1%) пациенток была выявлена остаточная ткань в зоне удаленных новообразований.ЗАКЛЮЧЕНИЕ: Вакуум-ассистированная биопсия является безопасной альтернативой диагностической хирургии у пациенток с поражениями категории B3, диагностированными при трепан-биопсии

    Electrified film flow over step topography at zero Reynolds number.

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    The flow of a liquid film over step topography under the influence of an electric field is considered in the limit of zero Reynolds number. The particular topographies considered include a flat wall with a downward step or an upward step, or a flat wall which is indented with a rectangular trench. A uniform electric field is imposed at infinity in the direction normal to the flatwall. The air above the film is treated as a perfect dielectric. The liquid in the film is assumed to behave either as a perfect conductor or as a perfect dielectric whose dielectric constant in general differs from that in the air. Asymptotic results are derived on the assumption of small step height, and formulas are presented for the first-order correction to the free-surface deformation due to the topography. It is demonstrated that, in an appropriate long-wave limit, the solutions approach those obtained using the lubrication approximation. Finally, the small-step asymptotics are favourably compared with numerical solutions for Stokes flow over steps of arbitrary height computed using the boundary-element method. In summary, it is shown that asymptotic models based on small-amplitude step topography provide simple formulas which are effective in describing the flow even for moderate step amplitudes, making them an efficient analytical tool for solving practical film-flow problems

    Effect of Traditional Drug Therapy and its Combination with Soderm®-Forte and New Injectable Form of Rexod® on the Antioxidant-prooxidant Red Blood Cell System in Rats with Experimental Periodontitis

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    Background. The development of periodontitis is strongly linked with both periodontopathogenic microflora and antioxidant-proxidant system disorders, which determines the need for the combined use of antimicrobial and antioxidant agents.Objectives. A comparative evaluation of the antioxidant-prooxidant system of red blood cells in rats with experimental periodontitis against the background of the traditional drug therapy and its combination with Soderm®-Forte and new injectable form of Rexod®.Methods. The authors conducted a comparative study of the effect of traditional drug therapy (TDT) and its combination with Soderm®-Forte gel containing silver nanoparticles, recombinant human superoxide dismutase (Rexod®) and new injectable form (NIF) of Rexod® on the condition of the antioxidant-prooxidant system of red blood cells in rats with experimental periodontitis (EP). The experiments were performed on Wistar male rats of 210–230 g. EP was induced by ligature method. The rats were randomly divided into 5 comparable groups of 12 animals: group 1 — with intact periodontium; group 2 — with EP; group 3 — with EP, where TDT was used, including oral irrigation with chlorhexedine (0.05% solution) and application of Septo-Pack dento-gingival dressing; group 4 — with EP, TDT and Soderm®-Forte gel (applied into the periodontal pockets of the lower incisors); group 5 — with EP, TDT in combination with Soderm®-Forte gel and NIF of Rexod®, which was injected intraperitoneally at a dose of 8000 U/kg. Treatment of rats with EP (groups 3–5) was carried out for 12 days. The observation period for all animals lasted 42 days. The biochemical tests and the antioxidant-prooxidant index were used to assess the condition of antioxidant-prooxidant system. Statistical analysis of the obtained results was carried out with parametric and non-parametric methods of Microsoft Excel (Microsoft, USA), Analysis package and AtteStat, as well as Statistica 8.0 (StatSoft, USA) software.Results. The application of TDT against the developed EP caused a moderate positive correction of the indicators of Antioxidant protection system (APS). The enrichment of TDT for the EP animals with Soderm®-Forte and especially Soderm®-Forte in combination with NIF of Rexod® to enhance the APS potential caused more significant positive dynamics of the balance in the antioxidant-prooxidant system compared to TDT.Conclusion. The combination of TDT with Soderm®-Forte and NIF of Rexod® has the most significant positive corrective effect on the condition of antioxidant-prooxidant system of red blood cells in rats with EP in comparison with the complex of TDT with Soderm®-Forte and TDT used separately