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    Have REIT's helped tame Texas real estate?

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    Real estate investment trusts ; Texas

    A revision of Calyptochloa C.E.Hubb. (Poaceae), with two new species and a new subspecies

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    Thompson, E.J. & Simon, B.K. (2012). A revision of Calyptochloa C.E.Hubb. (Poaceae), with two new species and a new subspecies. Austrobaileya 8(4): 634–652. Two new species of Calyptochloa C.E.Hubb. (Calyptochloa cylindrosperma E.J.Thomps. & B.K.Simon and C. johnsoniana E.J.Thomps. & B.K.Simon) endemic to central Queensland, and a new subspecies of Calyptochloa gracillima C.E.Hubb. (C. gracillima subsp. ipsviciensis E.J.Thomps. & B.K.Simon) endemic to southeast Queensland are described and illustrated

    Effectiveness of Ninth-Grade Physics in Maine: Conceptual Understanding

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    The Physics First movement - teaching a true physics course to ninth grade students - is gaining popularity in high schools. There are several different rhetorical arguments for and against this movement, and it is quite controversial in physics education. However, there is no actual evidence to assess the success, or failure, of this substantial shift in the science teaching sequence. We have undertaken a comparison study of physics classes taught in ninth- and 12th grade classes in Maine. Comparisons of student understanding and gains with respect to mechanics concepts were made with excerpts from well-known multiple-choice surveys and individual student interviews. Results indicate that both populations begin physics courses with similar content knowledge and specific difficulties, but that in the learning of the concepts ninth graders are more sensitive to the instructional method used.Comment: 15 pages, 2 tables, 0 figures, to be published in The Physics Teache

    The Carcinoembryonic Antigen Gene Family

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    The molecular cloning of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and several cross-reacting antigens reveals a basic domain structure for the whole family, which shows structural similarities to the immunoglobulin superfamily. The CEA family consists of approximately 10 genes which are localized in two clusters on chromosome 19. So far, mRNA species for five of these genes have been identified which show tissue variability in their transcriptional activity. Expression of some of these genes in heterologous systems has been achieved, allowing the localization of some epitopes. The characterization of a CEA gene family in the rat and a comparison with its human counterpart has been utilized in the development of an evolutionary model

    The Labour Market Mobility of Polish Migrants: A Comparative Study of Three Regions in South Wales, UK

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    Since Polish migrants began entering the UK labour market in the post-accession period, there has been a significant amount of case study research focusing on the impact of this large migrant group on the UK economy. However, ten years after enlargement, there is still insufficient information regarding the labour market mobility of Polish migrants residing in the UK for the longer term. The available research on this topic is largely concentrated in urban settings such as London or Birmingham, and does not necessarily capture the same patterns of labour market mobility as in non-urban settings. Using qualitative data collected in three case study locations – urban, semi-urban and rural – in the South Wales region from 2008–2012, this article has two main aims. First, given the proximity of the case study locations, the article highlights the diversity of the Polish migrant characteristics through the samples used. Second, using trajectories created from the data, this article compares the variations among the labour market movements of the Polish migrants in each sample to determine what characteristics influence labour market ascent. Through this comparative trajectory analysis, the findings from this article point to the relative English language competency of migrants as the primary catalyst for progression in the Welsh labour market across all three case study regions. The secondary catalyst, which is intertwined with the first, is the composition of the migrants’ social networks, which enable, or in some cases disable, labour market progression. These findings have significant implications in the national and in the supranational policy sphere regarding the employment of migrants as well as their potential for cultural integration in the future

    The Wage Penalty for State and Local Government Employees in New England

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    The authors demonstrate that the average state or local government worker earns higher wages than the average private-sector worker—but only because they are, on average, older and substantially better educated. More than half of state and local government employees in New England have a four-year college degree or more, and 30% have an advanced degree. By contrast, only 38% of private-sector workers have a four-year college degree or more; and only 13% have an advanced degree. The wage gap becomes more significant at higher-paid professional levels. The lowest paid government workers do earn slightly more than their private counterparts, but for high-wage workers, the wage penalty for working for a New England state or local governments rises to almost 13%.�And while state and local workers on average do indeed receive more valuable benefits than private-sector workers, the difference only reduces the wage penalty for the average state and local government worker.