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    Electro-Osmotic Blood Flow of Shear-Thinning Fluid with Hall Current and Wall Flexibility

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    The presented article aims to present the flow of blood in microchannels such as veins and arteries via peristaltic flow.  The magnetic field is imposed to regulate the flow as laminar. Also, its impacts in terms of Hall current have been considered. The rate of heat transfer is further based on Joule heating and viscous dissipation aspects. Mathematical analysis has been conducted given long wavelength and small Reynolds number. Such preferences are relatable to the medical domain where the magnetic field regulates the flow stream and aids in the melting of blood clots in patients with various heart diseases. The solution for electric potential is calculated analytically while the velocity, temperature, and heat transfer rate are executed directly via the built-in command of Mathematica software. Since the magnetic field acts as an opposing force. Results show that the velocity and temperature are decreasing functions of the magnetic field. However, the temperature is increasing for Weissenberg number

    Improving Learning Motivation and Cognitive Learning Outcomesusing Blended Learning-Based Guided Inquiry Strategy Through Lesson Study in Genetics

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    There are still problems in the teaching and learning processes in Biology Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, Teacher Training College PGRI Jember. Most of the lectures are still conducted through face to face meeting, unidirectional and low participation of students. Therefore, the students\u27 motivation and cognitive learning outcomes are also still not as expected. There are also lack of sharing among lecturers in planning the teaching and learning processes, and the use of multimedia information technology is not maximized. This research aims to improve the motivation and cognitive learning outcomes of the students with different academic capabilities by using Blended Learning-based guided inquiry strategy through Lesson Study in Genetics Course. The subjects were 54 biology education students of the Teachers Training College PGRI Jember who attended genetics course. The subjects were divided into two groups, which are lower academic group and higher academic group. The indicator of improvement was determined by the increase of percentage (%) in motivation and cognitive learning outcomes before and after the learning processes.The results showed that the increase of motivation to learn in the lower academic capability students was 29.61%. This was higher than the increase of motivation to learn in the higher academic capability students which was 25.35%. The increase of cognitive learning outcomes in the lower academic capability students was 95.86%. This was also higher than the increase of cognitive learning outcomes in the higher academic capability students which was 81.16%. The increase in all aspects happened because by using the Blended Learning-based guided inquiry strategy, the students could search for and found their own concepts of genetics by using information technology. The Lesson Study has improve the lecturers\u27 awareness of the need to share experience among lecturers to improve their experties in conducting a higher quality of teaching learning processes

    Fotografi Fashion Citra Rumah Batik Eks-lokalisasi Gang Dolly

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    Penutupan tempat prostitusi Gang Dolly tahun 2014, mengakibatkan kesenjangan pendapatan warga sekitar yang menggantungkan roda ekonominya pada aktivitas tersebut. Dalam perkembangannya, Pemerintah Kota mulai mengubah citra Gang Dolly dengan mendirikan UKM kreatif, diantaranya adalah Rumah Batik. Rumah Batik terdiri dari tiga UKM Batik yang masing-masing ketuanya dulunya berasal dari Gang Dolly. Batik ini memiliki tiga motif khas utama, yakni: Daun Jarak, Kepompong, Kupu-Kupu. Motif tersebut mewakili sebagaimana kawasan eks-lokalisasi Gang Dolly bermetamorfosis layaknya Kupu-Kupu, menjadi industri kreatif seperti sekarang. Namun sayangnya, keterbatasan pada publikasi mengakibatkan Rumah Batik belum dikenal secara luas oleh masyarakat Surabaya. Sehingga diperlukan media yang komunikatif dan sesuai dengan target audiens. Maka, dirancang fotografi fashion yang bertema Dollymorphosa, yang akan dilakukan di daerah Dolly pada waktu pagi dan malam, agar dapat citra baru Gang Dolly dapat diperlihatkan. Perancangan fotografi fashion ini akan mengomunikasikan secara efektif dalam mengenalkan batik eks-lokalisasi tersebut, dan juga mendokumentasikan secara nyata citra Gang Dolly yang baru kepada golongan dewasa muda

    Continuous user authentication featuring keystroke dynamics based on robust recurrent confidence model and ensemble learning approach

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    User authentication is considered to be an important aspect of any cybersecurity program. However, one-time validation of user’s identity is not strong to provide resilient security throughout the user session. In this aspect, continuous monitoring of session is necessary to ensure that only legitimate user is accessing the system resources for entire session. In this paper, a true continuous user authentication system featuring keystroke dynamics behavioural biometric modality has been proposed and implemented. A novel method of authenticating the user on each action has been presented which decides the legitimacy of current user based on the confidence in the genuineness of each action. The 2-phase methodology, consisting of ensemble learning and robust recurrent confidence model(R-RCM), has been designed which employs a novel perception of two thresholds i.e., alert and final threshold. Proposed methodology classifies each action based on the probability score of ensemble classifier which is afterwards used along with hyperparameters of R-RCM to compute the current confidence in the genuineness of user. System decides if user can continue using the system or not based on new confidence value and final threshold. However, it tends to lock out imposter user more quickly if it reaches the alert threshold. Moreover, system has been validated with two different experimental settings and results are reported in terms of mean average number of genuine actions (ANGA) and average number of imposter actions(ANIA), whereby achieving the lowest mean ANIA with experimental setting II

    Strategi Dakwah Di Tengah Konflik Masyarakat

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    <p>Variation in heat transfer coefficient <i>Z</i> for Soret number <i>Sr</i> when <i>ϵ</i> = 0.2, <i>t</i> = 0.1, <i>x</i> = 0.2, <i>k</i> = 5, <i>E</i><sub>1</sub> = 0.3, <i>E</i><sub>2</sub> = 0.2, <i>E</i><sub>3</sub> = 0.1, <i>β</i> = 0.5, <i>H</i> = 0.8, <i>Bi</i><sub>1</sub> = 10, <i>Sc</i> = 0.3, <i>Bi</i><sub>2</sub> = 0.5, <i>Du</i> = 0.5, <i>H</i> = 0.8 and Pr = 2.</p

    Comparing Mean Post-Operative Back Pain Score between Hemilaminectomy and Conventional Laminectomy in Patients of Lumbar Stenosis

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    Objective:&nbsp;&nbsp;To observe the comparative mean post-operative back-pain score between hemilaminectomy and conventional laminectomy in patients of lumbar stenosis. Material and Methods:&nbsp;&nbsp;The randomized controlled study was carried out in Neurosurgery Unit, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad, Pakistan. A total of 60 patients were distributed equally in two groups. Group A underwent hemilaminectomy while group B underwent conventional laminectomy. A linear median fascial incision was made on the side with more pain or symptoms. Only in the hemilaminectomy group, ipsilateral decompression was performed. It involves partial resection of adjacent parts of the hemi laminae of the superior and inferior vertebrae using operative loupes or neurosurgical microscope. Mean ±SD was calculated for quantitative data including back pain score. Results:&nbsp;&nbsp;Mean age was 46.2 ± 6.94 years in hemi group and 46.3 ± 6.74 years in the conventional group. We observed that in hemi group, the back pain score was 2.23 ± 0.73 and it was 2.7 ± 0.65 in the conventional group (p-value was 0.011). Significant differences (p value&lt;0.050) existed in these age ranges with respect to the back pain score in both surgery groups. A significant difference (p value &lt; 0.0001) observed only in male patients between two surgery groups for the back pain scores. Conclusion:&nbsp;&nbsp;Mean post-operative back pain score is significantly reduced in hemilaminectomy cases when compared with conventional laminectomy in patients of lumbar stenosis

    Blood flow analysis in narrow channel with activation energy and nonlinear thermal radiation

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    Blood flow in narrow channels such as veins and arteries is the major topic of interest here. The Casson fluid with its shear-thinning attribute serves as the blood model. Owing to the arterial walls, the channel is configured curved in shape. The activation energy and nonlinear thermal radiation aspects are highlighted. The channel boundaries are flexible with peristaltic wave travelling along the channel. The mathematical description of the problem is developed under physical laws and then simplified using the lubrication technique. The obtained system is then sketched in graphs directly using the numerical scheme NDSolve in Mathematica software. The physical interpretation of parameters on axial velocity, temperature profile, concentration, and streamline pattern is discussed in the last section

    Homogeneous–heterogeneous reaction effects in flow of tangent hyperbolic fluid on a stretching cylinder

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    This study relates hyperbolic tangent fluid flow on a permeable stretching cylinder with homogeneous–heterogeneous reaction effects. The prevailing continuity, momentum, and concentration equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations using the similarity transformation method. The resulting nonlinear system of equations is numerically tackled with an efficient, unconditionally stable, accurate, and extensively validated finite difference scheme: the Keller box technique. Graphs are sketched for the interpretation of physical parameters. The coefficient of skin friction is included to illustrate the fluid behavior near the surface of the cylinder. Comparison to the preceding literature is provided for better accuracy of numerical results.The accepted manuscript in pdf format is listed with the files at the bottom of this page. The presentation of the authors' names and (or) special characters in the title of the manuscript may differ slightly between what is listed on this page and what is listed in the pdf file of the accepted manuscript; that in the pdf file of the accepted manuscript is what was submitted by the author
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