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    The Effect of Ru substitution for Ni on the superconductivity in MgCNi3-xRux

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    The superconductor MgCNi3 has been chemically doped by partial substitution of Ru for Ni in the solid solution MgCNi3-xRux for 0<x<0.5. Magnetic and specific heat measurements show that the Sommerfeld parameter (gamma_exp) and TC decrease immediately on Ru substitution, but that a TC above 2K is maintained even for a relatively large decrease in gamma_exp. Ferromagnetism is not observed to develop through Ru substitution, and the normal state magnetic susceptibility is suppressed.Comment: 18 pages, 13 figure

    Superconductivity in Mg10Ir19B16

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    Mg10Ir19B16, a previously unreported compound in the Mg-Ir-B chemical system, is found to be superconducting at temperatures near 5 K. The fact that the compound exhibits a range of superconducting temperatures between 4 and 5 K suggests that a range of stoichiometries is allowed, though no structural evidence for this is observed. The compound has a large, noncentrosymmetric, body centered cubic unit cell with a = 10.568 Angstrom, displaying a structure type for which no previous superconductors have been reported.Comment: submitted to PR