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    Investigation of environmental change pattern in Japan. Classification of shorelines

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    There are no author-identified significant results in this report

    The central simple modules of Artinian Gorenstein algebras

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    Let A be a standard graded Artinian algebra over a field of characteristic zero and let z be a linear form in A. We define the central simple modules for each such pair (A, z). Assume that A is Gorenstein. Then we prove that A has the strong Lefschetz property if and only if there exists a linear form z in A such that all central simple modules of the pair (A,z) have the strong Lefschetz property. In the course of proof we need to extend the definition of the strong Lefschetz property to finite graded modules over graded Artinian algebra, which previously was defined only for standard graded Artinian algebras.Comment: 20 pages, To be published in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebr

    Investigation of environmental change pattern in Japan. Utilization of LANDSAT-2 data for fisheries

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    The author has identified the following significant results. MSS data provided extensive and simultaneous information about marine environmental conditions, such as the shift of the Kuroshio, fall and rise of coastal water mass, distribution of water masses, locations of vortex and current rips, exchanges of water between embayment and open ocean effluent rivers, fertility of plankton, red tide, pollution, etc

    General pattern of the turbid water in the Seto-inland sea extracted from multispectral imageries by the LANDSAT-1 and 2

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    The author has identified the following significant results. Each distribution pattern of turbid water changes with the time in accordance with daily tides, seasonal variation of tides, and occasional rainfall. Two cases of successfully repeated LANDSAT observations for the same sea regions suggested a general pattern of turbid water could be extracted for each region. Photographic and digital processes were used to extract patterns of turbid water separately from the cloud and smog-layer in MSS 4, 5, and 7 imageries. A mosaic of image-masked imageries displays a general pattern of turbid water for almost the entire Seto Inland Sea. No such pattern was extracted for the Aki-Nada south of Hiroshima City where the water is fairly polluted, nor for the Iyo-Nada where the water is generally clearer than in other regions of the Seto Inland Sea

    Formation and structure of equatorial anticyclones caused by large scale cross equatorial flows determined by ATS-1 photographs

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    Atmospheric models for cross equatorial air mass flow and anticyclone formatio

    Fermi Surface Reconstruction without Breakdown of Kondo Screening at Quantum Critical Point

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    Motivated by recent Hall-effect experiment in YbRh2_2Si2_2, we study ground state properties of a Kondo lattice model in a two-dimensional square lattice using variational Monte Carlo method. We show that there are two types of phase transition, antiferromagnetic transition and topological one (Fermi surface reconstruction). In a wide region of parameters, these two transitions occur simultaneously without the breakdown of Kondo screening, accompanied by a discontinuous change of the Hall coefficient. This result is consistent with the experiment and gives a novel theoretical picture for the quantum critical point in heavy fermion systems.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, submitted to Physical Review Letter

    Absence of the impurity-induced magnetic order in the electron-doped high-T_c_ cuprates Pr_0.86_LaCe_0.14_Cu_1-y_(Zn, Ni)_y_O_4_

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    Zero-field muon-spin-relaxation measurements have been carried out in order to investigate the Zn- and Ni-substitution effects on the Cu-spin dynamics in the electron-doped Pr_0.86_LaCe_0.14_Cu_1-y_(Zn, Ni)_y_O_4+\alpa-\delta_ with y = 0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 and different values of the reduced oxygen content \delta(\delta \le 0.09). For the samples with y = 0 and very small \delta values of \delta < 0.01, a muon-spin precession due to the formation of a long-range antiferromagnetic order has been observed at low temperatures below \~ 5 K. For the moderately oxygen-reduced samples of 0.01 \le \delta \le 0.09, on the contrary, no muon-spin precession has been observed and the temperature dependence of the spectra is similar to one another regardless of the y value. That is, no impurity-induced slowing down of the Cu-spin fluctuations has been detected, which is very different from the results of the hole-doped high-T_c_ cuprates. The reason is discussed.Comment: 13 pages, 2 figures, Proceedings of ISS2004 (to be published in Physica C
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