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    Multipole solution of hydrodynamics and higher order harmonics

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    The time evolution of the medium created in heavy ion collisions can be described by hydrodynamical models. After expansion and cooling, the hadrons are created in a freeze-out. Their distribution describes the final state of this medium. In particular their azimuthal asymmetry, characterized by the elliptic flow coefficient v2v_2, is one of the most important observables in heavy ion physics. In recent years it has been revealed that if measuring relative to higher order event planes Ψn\Psi_n, higher order flow coefficients vnv_n for n>2n>2 can be measured. This is due to initial state fluctuations, previously not described by analytic solutions of relativistic hydrodynamics. In this paper we show the first solutions that utilize higher order asymmetries and thus yield realistic vnv_n flow coefficients. It is a clear consequence of this that different flow patterns may lead to the same observed flow coefficients. We also compare our results to PHENIX measurements and determine a possible parameter set corresponding to these data.Comment: 7 pages, 6 figures, accepted in Phys. Rev.

    Concordance homomorphisms from knot Floer homology

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    We modify the construction of knot Floer homology to produce a one-parameter family of homologies for knots in the three-sphere. These invariants can be used to give homomorphisms from the smooth concordance group to the integers, giving bounds on the four-ball genus and the concordance genus of knots. We give some applications of these homomorphisms.Comment: Minor revision, corrected typos and added explanation to Chapter

    Rational blow-downs and smoothings of surface singularities

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    In this paper we give a necessary combinatorial condition for a negative--definite plumbing tree to be suitable for rational blow--down, or to be the graph of a complex surface singularity which admits a rational homology disk smoothing. New examples of surface singularities with rational homology disk smoothings are also presented; these include singularities with resolution graph having valency four nodes.Comment: 61 pages, 28 figure

    Independent Process Analysis without A Priori Dimensional Information

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    Recently, several algorithms have been proposed for independent subspace analysis where hidden variables are i.i.d. processes. We show that these methods can be extended to certain AR, MA, ARMA and ARIMA tasks. Central to our paper is that we introduce a cascade of algorithms, which aims to solve these tasks without previous knowledge about the number and the dimensions of the hidden processes. Our claim is supported by numerical simulations. As a particular application, we search for subspaces of facial components.Comment: 9 pages, 2 figure

    Automated Word Puzzle Generation via Topic Dictionaries

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    We propose a general method for automated word puzzle generation. Contrary to previous approaches in this novel field, the presented method does not rely on highly structured datasets obtained with serious human annotation effort: it only needs an unstructured and unannotated corpus (i.e., document collection) as input. The method builds upon two additional pillars: (i) a topic model, which induces a topic dictionary from the input corpus (examples include e.g., latent semantic analysis, group-structured dictionaries or latent Dirichlet allocation), and (ii) a semantic similarity measure of word pairs. Our method can (i) generate automatically a large number of proper word puzzles of different types, including the odd one out, choose the related word and separate the topics puzzle. (ii) It can easily create domain-specific puzzles by replacing the corpus component. (iii) It is also capable of automatically generating puzzles with parameterizable levels of difficulty suitable for, e.g., beginners or intermediate learners.Comment: 4 page