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    A Simple Multiprocessor Management System for Event-Parallel Computing

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    Offline software using TCP/IP sockets to distribute particle physics events to multiple UNIX/RISC workstations is described. A modular, building block approach was taken, which allowed tailoring to solve specific tasks efficiently and simply as they arose. The modest, initial cost was having to learn about sockets for interprocess communication. This multiprocessor management software has been used to control the reconstruction of eight billion raw data events from Fermilab Experiment E791.Comment: 10 pages, 3 figures, compressed Postscript, LaTeX. Submitted to NI

    Prevalence of refractive errors, corneal arcus, and blood pressure readings in 2656 Indonesian subjects

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    On a recent eye care mission to Indonesia, epidemiological information was collected on 2656 indigenous patients. Prevalence of refractive errors, corneal arcus and blood pressure readings were recorded and evaluated. The data from three different sites on the island of Java presented with a definite increased pattern of myopia amongst the youth ages 8 to 19. When compared to other nations, the average refractive error of Indonesians was slightly less hyperopic. Against-the- rule astigmatism had the highest occurrence when compared to other axis orientations, yet the overall occurrence of astigmatism was less than that found in western nations. An elevated prevalence of corneal arcus was discovered in this population. Blood pressure was found to be within normal limits when compared to western clinical standards

    Working with arrays of inexpensive eide disk drives

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    Abstract: In today's marketplace, the cost per Terabyte of disks with EIDE interfaces is about a third that of disks with SCSI. Hence, three times as many particle physics events could be put online with EIDE. The modern EIDE interface includes many of the performance features that appeared earlier in SCSI. EIDE bus speeds approach 33 Megabytes s and need only be shared between two disks rather than seven disks. The internal I O rate of very fast and expensive SCSI disks is only 50 per cent greater than EIDE disks. Hence, two EIDE disks whose combined cost is much less than one very fast SCSI disk can actually give more data throughput due to the advantage of multiple spindles and head actuators. We explore the use of 12 and 16 Gigabyte EIDE disks with motherboard and PCI bus card interfaces on a number of operating systems and CPUs. These include Red Hat Linux and Windows 95 98 o n a P entium, MacOS and Apple's Rhapsody NeXT UNIX on a PowerPC, and Sun Solaris on a UltraSparc 10 workstation

    A Complete Scheme of Ionization Cooling for a Muon Collider

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    A complete scheme for production and cooling a muon beam for three specified muon colliders is presented. Parameters for these muon colliders are given. The scheme starts with the front end of a proposed neutrino factory that yields bunch trains of both muon signs. Emittance exchange cooling in slow helical lattices reduces the longitudinal emittance until it becomes possible to merge the trains into single bunches, one of each sign. Further cooling in all dimensions is applied to the single bunches in further slow helical lattices. Final transverse cooling to the required parameters is achieved in 50 T solenoids using high Tc superconductor at 4 K. Preliminary simulations of each element are presented.Comment: 3 pages, 6 figure