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    Miniature multichannel biotelemeter system

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    A miniature multichannel biotelemeter system is described. The system includes a transmitter where signals from different sources are sampled to produce a wavetrain of pulses. The transmitter also separates signals by sync pulses. The pulses amplitude modulate a radio frequency carrier which is received at a receiver unit. There the sync pulses are detected by a demultiplexer which routes the pulses from each different source to a separate output channel where the pulses are used to reconstruct the signals from the particular source

    Naval History by Conspiracy Theory: The British Admiralty before the First World War and the Methodology of Revisionism

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    Revisionist interpretations of British naval policy in the Fisher era claim that an elaborate smoke screen was created to hide the Royal Navy’s real policies; while documents showing the true goals were systematically destroyed. By asserting this, revisionists are able to dismiss those parts of the documentary record that contradict their theories, while simultaneously excusing the lack of evidence for their theories by claiming it has been destroyed. This article shows that this methodology is misleading and untenable

    Hybrid ECAL: Optimization and Related Developments

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    Hybrid ECAL is a cost-conscious option of electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) for particle flow calorimetry to be used in a detector of International Linear Collider (ILC). It is a combination of silicon-tungsten ECAL, which realizes high granularity and robust measurement of electromagnetic shower, and scintillator-tungsten ECAL, which gives affordable cost with similar performance to silicon. Optimization and a data acquisition trial in a test bench for the hybrid ECAL are described in this article.Comment: 7 pages, 4 figures, Talk presented at the International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS14), Belgrade, Serbia, 6-10 October 201

    Test results for composite specimens and elements containing joints and cutouts

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    A program was conducted to develop the technology for joints and cutouts in a composite fuselage that meets all design requirements of a large transport aircraft for the 1990s. An advanced trijet derivative of the DC-10 was selected as the baseline aircraft. Design and analysis of a 30-foot-long composite fuselage barrel provided a realistic basis for the test effort. The primary composite material was Hexcel F584 resin on 12 K IM6 fiber, in tape and broadgoods form. Fiberglass broadgoods were used in E-glass and S-glass fiber form in the cutout region of some panels. Additionally, injection-molded chopped graphite fiber/PEEK was used for longeron-to-frame shear clips. The test effort included four groups of test specimens, beginning with coupon specimens of mono-layer and cross-piled laminates, progressing through increasingly larger and more complex specimens, and ending with two 4- by 5-foot curved fuselage side panels. One of the side panels incorporated a transverse skin splice, while the second included two cabin window cutouts

    Method and system for providing precise multi-function modulation

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    A method and system is disclosed which provides precise multi-function digitally implementable modulation for a communication system. The invention provides a modulation signal for a communication system in response to an input signal from a data source. A digitized time response is generated from samples of a time domain representation of a spectrum profile of a selected modulation scheme. The invention generates and stores coefficients for each input symbol in accordance with the selected modulation scheme. The output signal is provided by a plurality of samples, each sample being generated by summing the products of a predetermined number of the coefficients and a predetermined number of the samples of the digitized time response. In a specific illustrative implementation, the samples of the output signals are converted to analog signals, filtered and used to modulate a carrier in a conventional manner. The invention is versatile in that it allows for the storage of the digitized time responses and corresponding coefficient lookup table of a number of modulation schemes, any of which may then be selected for use in accordance with the teachings of the invention

    A demonstration program plan utilizing composite reinforced metals for the DC-8 horizontal stabilizer structure Final report

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    Feasibility of boron-epoxy reinforced aluminum alloy for horizontal stabilizer structure of DC 8 aircraft and recommendations for demonstration progra

    An aerogel Cherenkov detector for multi-GeV photon detection with low sensitivity to neutrons

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    We describe a novel photon detector which operates under an intense flux of neutrons. It is composed of lead-aerogel sandwich counter modules. Its salient features are high photon detection efficiency and blindness to neutrons. As a result of Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, the efficiency for photons with the energy larger than 1 GeV is expected to be higher than 99.5% and that for 2 GeV/cc neutrons less than 1%. The performance on the photon detection under such a large flux of neutrons was measured for a part of the detector. It was confirmed that the efficiency to photons with the energy >>1 GeV was consistent with the MC expectation within 8.2% uncertainty.Comment: 16 pages, 16 figures, submitted to Prog. Theor. Exp. Phy

    Combined operations and the European theatre during the Nine Years' War, 1688-97

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    This is the author's PDF version of an article published in Historical research© 2005. The definitive version is available at www.blackwell-synergy.com.This article discusses the strategic and operational purpose of England's combined army-navy operations within the European theatre during the Nine Years' War, 1688-97. Specifically, the historical consensus that these operations were simply a compromise product of the contemporary political discourse, and consistently suffered from poor preparation and implementation, is reassessed. In so doing, the article considers the combined service descents planned and executed against the northern French coastline between 1691 and 1694, including in particular the renowned operation at Brest in June 1694, and also those operations undertaken by Admiral Russell's Mediterranean fleet in 1695.This article was submitted to the RAE2008 for the University of Chester - History

    Coincidence between transcriptome analyses on different microarray platforms using a parametric framework

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    A parametric framework for the analysis of transcriptome data is demonstrated to yield coincident results when applied to data acquired using two different microarray platforms. Discrepancies among transcriptome studies are frequently reported, casting doubt on the reliability of collected data. The inconsistency among observations can be largely attributed to differences among the analytical frameworks employed for data analysis. The existing frameworks normalizes data against a standard determined from the data to be analyzed. In the present study, a parametric framework based on a strict model for normalization is applied to data acquired using an in-house printed chip and GeneChip. The framework is based on a common statistical characteristic of microarray data, and each data is normalized on the basis of a linear relationship with this model. In the proposed framework, the expressional changes observed and genes selected are coincident between platforms, achieving superior universality of data compared to other methods