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    Fractional Branes on a Non-compact Orbifold

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    Fractional branes on the non-compact orbifold \C^3/\Z_5 are studied. First, the boundary state description of the fractional branes are obtained. The open-string Witten index calculated using these states reproduces the adjacency matrix of the quiver of Z5\Z_5. Then, using the toric crepant resolution of the orbifold \C^3/\Z_5 and invoking the local mirror principle, B-type branes wrapped on the holomorphic cycles of the resolution are studied. The boundary states corresponding to the five fractional branes are identified as bound states of BPS D-branes wrapping the 0-, 2- and 4-cycles in the exceptional divisor of the resolution of \C^3/\Z_5.Comment: Latex2e, 25 pages, typos corrected, minor modifications, version to appear in JHE

    U-duality and Network Configurations of Branes

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    We explicitly write down the invariant supersymmetry conditions for branes with generic values of moduli and U-duality charges in various space-time dimensions D≤10D \leq 10. We then use these results to obtain new BPS states, corresponding to network type structure of such branes.Comment: 26 pages, Latex, Title and Text modified (minor modifications), to appear in Int. Jour. Mod. Phys.

    AdS black holes with higher derivative corrections in presence of string cloud

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    We consider asymptotically AdS black hole solutions in presence of string clouds and higher derivative corrections. We find that it admits three black hole solutions within a region of the parameter space. In order to examine the stabilities of these solutions we consider a thermodynamic analysis. Using holography, we have studied the quark-antiquark distance and binding energy in the dual gauge theory.Comment: 25 pages, 27 figures, LaTe
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