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    Effect of the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015, on VLF/LF propagation

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    The analyzed amplitude and phase variations in electromagnetic VLF and LF signals at 20–45 kHz, received in Moscow, Graz (Austria), and Sheffield (UK) during the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015, are considered. The 22 analyzed paths have lengths of 200—6100 km, are differently oriented, and cross 40–100% occultation regions. Fifteen paths crossed the region where the occultation varied from 40 to 90%. Solar eclipse effects were found only on one of these paths in the signal phase (–50°). Four long paths crossed the 90–100% occultation region, and signal amplitude and phase anomalies were detected for all four paths. Negative phase anomalies varied from–75° to–90°, and the amplitude anomalies were both positive and negative and were not larger than 5 dB. It was shown that the effective height of the ionosphere varied from 6.5 to 11 km during the eclipse

    Palaeoecological evidence of changes in vegetation and climate during the Holocene in the pre-Polar Urals, northeast European Russia

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    This study investigated Holocene tree-line history and climatic change in the pre-Polar Urals, northeast European Russia. A sediment core from Mezhgornoe Lake situated at the present-day alpine tree-line was studied for pollen, plant macrofossils, Cladocera and diatoms. A peat section from Vangyr Mire in the nearby mixed mountain taiga zone was analysed for pollen. The results suggest that the study area experienced a climatic optimum in the early Holocene and that summer temperatures were at least 2°C warmer than today. Tree birch immigrated to the Mezhgornoe Lake area at the onset of the Holocene. Mixed spruce forests followed at ca. 9500-9000 14C yr BP. Climate was moist and the water level of Mezhgornoe Lake rose rapidly. The hypsithermal phase lasted until ca. 5500-4500 14C yr BP, after which the mixed forest withdrew from the Mezhgornoe catchment as a result of the climate cooling. The gradual altitudinal downward shift of vegetation zones resulted in the present situation, with larch forming the tree-line

    Variations of VLF/LF signals observed on the ground and satellite during a seismic activity in Japan region in May–June 2008

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    Signals of two Japanese transmitters (22.2 kHz and 40 kHz) recorded on the ground VLF/LF station in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and on board the DEMETER French satellite have been analyzed during a seismic activity in Japan in May–June 2008. The period of analysis was from 18 April to 27 June. During this time two rather large earthquakes occurred in the north part of Honshu Island – 7 May (<i>M</i>=6.8) and 13 June (<i>M</i>=6.9). The ground and satellite data were processed by a method based on the difference between the real signal in nighttime and the model one. For ground observations a clear decrease in both signals has been found several days before the first earthquake. For the second earthquake anomalies were detected only in JJI signal. The epicenters of earthquakes were in reliable reception zone of 40 kHz signal on board the DEMETER. Signal enhancement above the seismic active region and significant signal intensity depletion in the magnetically conjugate area has been found for satellite observation before the first earthquake. Anomalies in satellite data coincide in time with those in the ground-based observation

    Effectiveness of mindfulness-based therapy, stress reduction in hypertension and prehypertension: a systematic review

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    Aim. To collect and analyze currently available clinical studies on the effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) for lowering blood pressure in individuals with normal, high normal blood pressure and hypertension.Material and methods. The systematic review was prepared according to the PRISMA algorithm with minor modifications. The search algorithm included articles in Russian and English, indexed in the Pubmed/MEDLINE and Cochrane Library databases. The study included studies on the impact of mindfulness interventions on blood pressure levels in individuals aged ≥18 years with an established diagnosis of hypertension, with normal (120-129/80-84 mm Hg) and high normal office blood pressure (130-139/85-89 mm Hg).Results. A total of 4785 publications were identified and included in the study, of which, after a multistage sampling, including screening of articles, 6 studies were included in a qualitative systematic review.Conclusion. Qualitative synthesis of the results of clinical studies revealed that the evidence currently available indicates a possible positive effect of mindfulness interventions on blood pressure levels in individuals with normal, high normal blood pressure and hypertension. However, further studies with larger samples and measurement of more primary and secondary endpoints are required

    Mobile applications for anxiety and stress reduction: potential for preventing noncommunicable diseases

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    The article discusses using mobile applications for smartphones as tools to reduce anxiety and stress. The modern views on pathogenesis of the relationship between stress, anxiety disorders and cardiovascular disease are considered. Based on a review of some representative studies, a methodology for evaluating the characteristics and functions of mobile applications for managing anxiety and stress symptoms is proposed. The applications selected for analysis were tested according to this methodology. There are following key features of the Russianlanguage field of mobile applications for anxiety and stress reduction: a small number of applications, high prevalence of using breathing exercises, meditations and sound therapy, an extremely low disease specificity and focus mainly on helping with general symptoms of anxiety

    Anomalies in VLF radio signals prior the Abruzzo earthquake (M=6.3) on 6 April 2009

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    Abstract. The VLF/LF radio signals method for studying preseimic activity is applied to the Abruzzo earthquake (M=6.3, 6 April 2009). The data collected by three receivers located in Moscow (Russia), Graz (Austria) and Bari (Italy) at about 3000 km, 1000 km and 500 km from the epicenter were used. The signals received from the Sardinia (20.27 kHz) and the Sicily (45.9 kHz) transmitters, both located in Italy, were compared with those received from the Iceland (37.5 kHz), the Great Britain (19.58 kHz) and the Germany (23.4 kHz) transmitters. The propagation paths of the two Italian transmitters cross the epicentral area (seismic paths) unlike the paths of the other three signals (control paths). Using two different analyses, that are the study of the night-time signal and the research of shifts in the evening terminator times, clear anomalies were revealed 2–8 days before the occurrence of the Abruzzo earthquake in the seismic paths, while no anomalies have been found in the control paths

    Near-seismic effects in ULF fields and seismo-acoustic emission: statistics and explanation

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    International audiencePreseismic intensification of fracturing has been investigated from occurrence analysis of seismo-acoustic pulses (SA foreshocks) and ULF magnetic pulses (ULF foreshocks) observed in Karimshino station in addition to seismic foreshocks. Such analysis is produced for about 40 rather strong and nearby isolated earthquakes during 2 years of recording. It is found that occurrence rate of SA foreshocks increases in the interval (-12, 0 h) before main shock with 3-times exceeding of background level in the interval (-6, -3 h), and occurrence probability of SA foreshocks (pA~75%) is higher than probability of seismic foreshocks (ps~30%) in the same time interval.ULF foreshocks are masked by regular ULF activity at local morning and daytime, nevertheless we have discovered an essential ULF intensity increase in the interval (-3, +1 h) at the frequency range 0.05-0.3 Hz. Estimated occurrence probability of ULF foreshocks is about 40%. After theoretical consideration we conclude: 1) Taking into account the number rate of SA foreshocks, their amplitude and frequency range, they emit due to opening of fractures with size of L=70-200 m (M=1-2); 2) The electro-kinetic effect is the most promising mechanism of ULF foreshocks, but it is efficient only if two special conditions are fulfilled: a) origin of fractures near fluid-saturated places or liquid reservoirs (aquifers); b) appearance of open porosity or initiation of percolation instability; 3) Both SA and ULF magnetic field pulses are related to near-distant fractures (r<20-30 km); 4) Taking into account number rate and activation period of seismic, SA and ULF foreshocks, it is rather probable that opening of fractures and rupture of fluid reservoirs occur in the large preparation area with horizontal size about 100-200km

    On the accretion disc properties in eclipsing dwarf nova EM Cyg

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    In this paper we analyzed the behavior of the unusual dwarf nova EM Cyg using the data obtained in April-October, 2007 in Vyhorlat observatory (Slovak Republic) and in September, 2006 in Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (Ukraine). During our observations EM Cyg has shown outbursts in every 15-40 days. Because on the light curves of EM Cyg the partial eclipse of an accretion disc is observed we applied the eclipse mapping technique to reconstruct the temperature distribution in eclipsed parts of the disc. Calculations of the accretion rate in the system were made for the quiescent and the outburst states of activity for different distances.Comment: 6 pages, 3 figures, accepted in Astrophysics and Space Scienc

    The Graz seismo-electromagnetic VLF facility

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    Abstract. In this paper we describe the Graz seismo-electromagnetic very low frequency (VLF) facility, as part of the European VLF receiver network, together with the scientific objectives and results from two years operation. After a brief technical summary of the present system – with heritage from a predecessor facility – i.e. hardware, software, operational modes and environmental influences, we discuss results from statistical data and scientific events related to terrestrial VLF propagation over Europe
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