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    Review of spectroscopic parameters for upper atmospheric measurements

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    The workshop included communication of spectroscopic data requirements for the planned upper atmosphere research satellite (UARS) mission, review of the status of currently available spectroscopic parameters, and recommendation of additional studies. The objectives were accomplished and resulted in a series of general and specific recommendations for laboratory spectroscopy research to meet the needs of UARS and other atmospheric remote sensing programs

    Nongrey radiation effects on the boundary layer of an absorbing gas over a flat plate

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    Nongrey radiation effects on boundary layer of absorbing gas over flat plat

    Optimization guide for programs compiled under IBM FORTRAN H (OPT=2)

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    Guidelines are given to provide the programmer with various techniques for optimizing programs when the FORTRAN IV H compiler is used with OPT=2. Subroutines and programs are described in the appendices along with a timing summary of all the examples given in the manual

    Measurement of the horizontal velocity of wind perturbations in the middle atmosphere by spaced MF radar systems

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    Two remote receiving sites have been set up at a distance of approx 40 km from the main MF radar system. This allows measurement of upper atmosphere winds from 60-120 km (3 km resolution) at the corners of an approximately equilateral triangle of side approx 20 km. Some preliminary data are compared through cross correlation and cross spectral analysis in an attempt to determine the horizontal velocity of wind perturbations and/or the horizontal wavelength and phase velocity of gravity waves

    Brief studies of turbojet combustor and fuel-system operation with hydrogen fuel at -400 deg f

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    Turbojet combustor and fuel system operation with hydrogen fuel at -400 deg

    Heat and spin transport in a cold atomic Fermi gas

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    Motivated by recent experiments measuring the spin transport in ultracold unitary atomic Fermi gases (Sommer et al., 2011; Sommer et al., 2011), we explore the theory of spin and heat transport in a three-dimensional spin-polarized atomic Fermi gas. We develop estimates of spin and thermal diffusivities and discuss magnetocaloric effects, namely the the spin Seebeck and spin Peltier effects. We estimate these transport coefficients using a Boltzmann kinetic equation in the classical regime and present experimentally accessible signatures of the spin Seebeck effect. We study an exactly solvable model that illustrates the role of momentum-dependent scattering in the magnetocaloric effects.Comment: 18 pages, 6 figures, slight notation changes from previous versio
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