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    Characterization of vibrational overtones and "local" modes by emission spectroscopy

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    Covalent bonding of antibodies of polystyrene latex beads: A concept

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    Technique facilitates purification of vaccines and production of immunoadsorption columns exhibiting relatively long stability. Information interests biochemists, medical researchers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers

    Vegetative Spread of Dioecious Hydrilla Colonies in Experimental Ponds

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    Stolon formation and fragmentation are two vegetative mechanisms by which hydrilla colonies expand. These two mechanisms of spread were studied in ponds located in Lewisville, TX over a two-year period. Stolons were determined to be the predominant mechanism for localized expansion in undisturbed areas. While some fragments were produced, they accounted for only 0.1% of the establishment of rooted plants in new quadrats. Peak production of fragments occurred in October and November, with fragment densities of 0.15 N m-2 d-1. Expansion by stolons occurred between June and November of each year, with higher rates of spread (up to 4.0 cm d-1 radial growth) observed in the second season

    Using Evidence in the development of local health policies : Some Evidence from the United Kingdom

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    Objectives: This paper explores the use of evidence, focusing on economic evidence in particular, in the development of local health policies through an in-depth study of Health Improvement Programmes (HImPs) in England. Methods: A questionnaire was sent to the person responsible for coordinating the development of the HImP in each of the 102 English health authorities. In addition, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 HImP leaders, and a random sample of 26 HImP documents was reviewed using a standard pro forma. Results: Of the 102 mail questionnaires sent out, 68 (67%) were returned. It was found that those developing HImPs had multiple objectives, only some of which (e.g., efficiency in healthcare provision) would necessarily require evidence.Where evidence was used, this was a mixture of internal (experiential) and external (empirical) evidence, with the balance (66%) being in favor of the latter. Government reports and guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), were the main sources of external evidence, rather than published papers. Key barriers to the use of economic evidence were lack of time and availability and the difficulties in synthesizing information at the local level. Conclusions: Based on responses to our survey, the main ways of increasing the use of evidence in the development of local health policies in England are to produce more evidence-based national guidance and to produce accessible summaries of the available literature for local decision makers

    Cereal Leaf Beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Influence of Seeding Rate of Oats on Populations

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    In field and greenhouse studies, more cereal leaf beetle [Oulema melanopus (Lin- naeus)] eggs and larvae were found per unit area on spring oats, Avena sativa L., planted either at intermediate (54 kg/ha) or high (136 kg/ha) seeding rates, than when planted at a lower seeding rate (14 kg/ha). However, there were fewer eggs and larvae per stem in plantings of the high or intermediate rates than in those of the lower rate. Oats should not be planted at less than the recommended rates in beetle-infested areas

    Viscosity and Thermal Relaxation for a resonantly interacting Fermi gas

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    The viscous and thermal relaxation rates of an interacting fermion gas are calculated as functions of temperature and scattering length, using a many-body scattering matrix which incorporates medium effects due to Fermi blocking of intermediate states. These effects are demonstrated to be large close to the transition temperature TcT_c to the superfluid state. For a homogeneous gas in the unitarity limit, the relaxation rates are increased by nearly an order of magnitude compared to their value obtained in the absence of medium effects due to the Cooper instability at TcT_c. For trapped gases the corresponding ratio is found to be about three due to the averaging over the inhomogeneous density distribution. The effect of superfluidity below TcT_c is considered to leading order in the ratio between the energy gap and the transition temperature.Comment: 7 pages, 3 figure

    Reusable silica surface-insulation material

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    Material was specifically developed for manufacture of insulating tiles, but it can be molded into other shapes as required. Basic raw materials are high-purity silica fiber, fumed-silica powder, and reagent-grade starch. Only purest materials are used, and care must be taken to avoid contamination during processing
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