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    A Serological Survey of Cystic Echinococcosis in Equids in East of Turkey

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    Background: Cystic echinococcosis (CE), caused by hydatid cysts, is a widespread and hazard­ous disease in humans and animals worldwide. The disease is very common in Turkey, causing serious economic losses and public health problem. In this study, the seroprevalence of equine CE was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).Methods: Partially purified cyst fluid antigen from sheep hydatid cyst fluid was used as antigen in ELISA. A total of 250 equids consisting of 206 donkeys and 44 horses from various regions of Erzurum province of Eastern Turkey.Results: Anti- Echinococcus granulosus antibodies were detected in 78 (31.2%) of 250 equids. The prevalence rate was 20.4% for horses and 33.5% for donkeys. There was no statistically differ­ence between sex and ages groups for both horses and donkeys (P>0.05).Conclusion: Equine CE is quite endemic in Eastern Turkey. The high prevalence of CE suggests that equids in the transmission cycles is possible as a source of infection for definitive hosts

    A note on the values of the weighted q-Bernstein polynomials and modified q-Genocchi numbers with weight alpha and beta via the p-adic q-integral on Zp

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    The rapid development of q-calculus has led to the discovery of new generalizations of Bernstein polynomials and Genocchi polynomials involving q-integers. The present paper deals with weighted q-Bernstein polynomials and q-Genocchi numbers with weight alpha and beta. We apply the method of generating function and p-adic q-integral representation on Zp, which are exploited to derive further classes of Bernstein polynomials and q-Genocchi numbers and polynomials. To be more precise we summarize our results as follows, we obtain some combinatorial relations between q-Genocchi numbers and polynomials with weight alpha and beta. Furthermore, we derive an integral representation of weighted q-Bernstein polynomials of degree n on Zp. Also we deduce a fermionic p-adic q-integral representation of product weighted q-Bernstein polynomials of different degrees n1,n2,...on Zp and show that it can be written with q-Genocchi numbers with weight alpha and beta which yields a deeper insight into the effectiveness of this type of generalizations. Our new generating function possess a number of interesting properties which we state in this paper.Comment: 10 page

    Static and vibration analysis of functionally graded beams using refined shear deformation theory

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    Static and vibration analysis of functionally graded beams using refined shear deformation theory is presented. The developed theory, which does not require shear correction factor, accounts for shear deformation effect and coupling coming from the material anisotropy. Governing equations of motion are derived from the Hamilton's principle. The resulting coupling is referred to as triply coupled axial-flexural response. A two-noded Hermite-cubic element with five degree-of-freedom per node is developed to solve the problem. Numerical results are obtained for functionally graded beams with simply-supported, cantilever-free and clamped-clamped boundary conditions to investigate effects of the power-law exponent and modulus ratio on the displacements, natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes

    Bernoulli type polynomials on Umbral Algebra

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    The aim of this paper is to investigate generating functions for modification of the Milne-Thomson's polynomials, which are related to the Bernoulli polynomials and the Hermite polynomials. By applying the Umbral algebra to these generating functions, we provide to deriving identities for these polynomials

    The relationship between frontal sinus morphology and skeletal maturation

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    Background: The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between frontal sinus morphology and hand-wrist bone maturation by using postero-anterior (PA) cephalometric radiographs.Materials and methods: The study sample consisted of 220 patients divided into 11 groups based on the hand-wrist radiographs. The right and left maximum height, width and area of the frontal sinus parameters were measured in PA cephalometric radiographs of 220 subjects aged 8–18 years. The hand-wrist skeletal maturation stages were evaluated on the hand-wrist radiographs using the method of Fishman. The Kendall tau-b values were analysed to evaluate the correlation between the hand-wrist skeletal maturation stages and the frontalsinus parameters.Results: The right and left frontal sinus areas and widths were found to be larger in males than in females (p < 0.05). In males, a significant difference was observed in all frontal sinus parameters in different maturation stages (p < 0.001), while a statistically significant correlation was found in females between the left frontal sinus area, right frontal sinus height, right frontal sinus width and different maturation stages (p < 0.05).Conclusions: The relationship between frontal sinus dimensions obtained from PA cephalometric radiographs and hand-wrist maturation stages suggests that frontal sinuses can be used in determining growth and development

    Overcoming scarring in the urethra: Challenges for tissue engineering.

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    Urethral stricture disease is increasingly common occurring in about 1% of males over the age of 55. The stricture tissue is rich in myofibroblasts and multi-nucleated giant cells which are thought to be related to stricture formation and collagen synthesis. An increase in collagen is associated with the loss of the normal vasculature of the normal urethra. The actual incidence differs based on worldwide populations, geography, and income. The stricture aetiology, location, length and patient's age and comorbidity are important in deciding the course of treatment. In this review we aim to summarise the existing knowledge of the aetiology of urethral strictures, review current treatment regimens, and present the challenges of using tissue-engineered buccal mucosa (TEBM) to repair scarring of the urethra. In asking this question we are also mindful that recurrent fibrosis occurs in other tissues-how can we learn from these other pathologies

    Ferroelectric Based Photonic Crystal Cavity by Liquid Crystal Infiltration

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    Cataloged from PDF version of article.A novel type of two-dimensional photonic crystal is investigated for it optical properties as a core-shell-type ferroelectric nanorod infiltrated with nematic liquid crystals. Using the plane wave expansion method and finite-difference time-domain method, the photonic crystal structure, which is composed of a photonic crystal in a core-shell-type ferroelectric nanorod, is designed for the square lattice and the hexagonal lattice. It has been used 5CB as a photonic crystal core, and LiNbO3 as a ferroelectric material. The photonic crystal with a core-shell-type LiNbO3 nanorod infiltrated with nematic liquid crystals is compared with the photonic crystal with solid LiNbO3 rods and the photonic crystal with hollow LiNbO3 rods