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    The Effect of Anthocyanin-Rich Purple Corn Extract on the Healthspan of Caenorhabditis elegans

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    If aging is a result of the degradation of the proteostasis network (PN), then treatments that support proteostasis are expected to increase lifespan. Anthocyanins have been credited with the capacity to modulate cognitive and motor function, enhance memory and having a role in preventing age-related declines in neural function. We are studying the effect of standardized purple corn extract on a transgenic strain of model organism C. elegans. We expect to see a positive effect on healthspan, resistance to oxidative stress, and mortality rate. Analysis of the composition of purple corn extract in comparison with other natural extracts shown to have longevity effects will be presented. If this natural product is shown to increase healthspan in our study, this could lead to a breakthrough for promoting healthy aging in humans in a cost effective way

    Controlled growth of organic semiconductor films in liquid

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    Organic molecular crystalline (OMC) films are being investigated for use in a wide range of potential applications, from field effect transistors, to light-emitting diodes, and photovoltaic cells. The ultimate utility of OMC materials for such applications will depend on the degree and type of molecular order in deposited films, as well as the processing costs for preparing them. The goal of this thesis is to develop a method to produce high quality OMC thin films under ambient conditions, to characterize those films, and their growth kinetics. In particular, I will investigate OMC film growth by ambient axisymmetric spray method, a technique in which an organic semiconductor is sublimated into a carrier gas at ambient pressure and deposited onto a substrate coated with a thin liquid layer. I will examine the growth kinetics and morphologies of the resulting films. The results of this research will be an improved understanding of the growth of organic crystals in a thin film of liquid and the production of cheap organic semiconductor thin films

    The Bosavi language family

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    Smoking and dose-dependent early effects of nicotine on bone mechanical properties and histology

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    The objective was to study the effects of nicotine and cigarette smoke on mechanical properties of cortical bone. Experiments were conducted for 5 weeks with New Zealand White Rabbits. The first experiment of 18 rabbits studied the effect of nicotine levels delivered via a nicotine patch (5.25, 10.5, 21 ng/ml), measured by different mechanical tests, porosity, and composition. There was no significant difference between the control and the treatment groups.;The second experiment of 22 rabbits studied the effects of nicotine delivered via a nicotine patch (10.5 ng/ml) and via a smoking chamber on fracture toughness and porosity. The rabbits exposed to the smoke for 5 weeks had significantly lower fracture toughness values when compared to the different groups (exposed to smoke for 4 weeks group, nicotine group, and the control group). This suggests that other agents besides nicotine are responsible for the weakening of bone clinically seen in smokers
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