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    The ability to reproduce a parallel execution is desirable for debugging and program reliability purposes. In debugging (13), the programmer needs to manually step back in time, while for resilience (6) this is automatically performed by the the application upon failure. To be useful, replay has to faithfully reproduce the original execution. For parallel programs the main challenge is inferring and maintaining the order of conflicting operations (data races). Deterministic record and replay (R&R) techniques have been developed for multithreaded shared memory programs (5), as well as distributed memory programs (14). Our main interest is techniques for large scale scientific (3; 4) programming models

    The Quality Management of The R&D in High Energy Physics Detector

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    An observational study of aerosols and tropical cyclones over the eastern atlantic ocean basin for recent hurricane seasons

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    The aerosol vertical distribution in the tropical cyclone (TC) main development region (MDR) during the recent active hurricane seasons (2015–2018) was investigated using observations from NASA’s Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) Satellite. The Total Attenuated Backscatter (TAB) at 532 nm was measured by the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarization (CALIOP Lidar) onboard CALIPSO which is a polar orbiting satellite that evaluates the role clouds and atmospheric aerosols play in Earth’s weather, climate and air quality. The TAB was used to illustrate the dispersion and magnitude of the aerosol vertical distribution in the TC-genesis region. A combination of extinction quality flag, cloud fraction, and cloud-aerosol discrimination (CAD) scores were used to filter out the impact of clouds. To better describe the qualitative and quantitative difference of aerosol along the paths of African Easterly Waves (AEWs), the MDR was further divided into two domains from 18◦ W to 30◦ W (Domain 1) and 30◦ W to 45◦ W (Domain 2), respectively. The distribution of average aerosol concentration from the time of active cyclogenesis was compared and quantified between each case. The resulting observations suggest that there are two distinct layers of aerosols in the vertical profile, a near surface layer from 0.5–1.75 km and an upper layer at 1.75–5 km in altitude. A quantification of the total aerosol concentration values indicate domain 2 cases were associated with higher aerosol concentrations than domain 1 cases. The environmental variables such as sea surface temperature (SST), vertical windshear (VWS), and relative humidity (RH) tended to be favorable for genesis to occur. Among all cases in this study, the results suggested tropical cyclone genesis and further development occurred under dust-loaded conditions while the environmental variables were favorable, indicating that dust aerosols may not play a significant role in inhibiting the genesis process of TCs

    Time dependent diffusion in a disordered medium with partially absorbing walls: A perturbative approach

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    We present an analytical study of the time dependent diffusion coefficient in a dilute suspension of spheres with partially absorbing boundary condition. Following Kirkpatrick (J. Chem. Phys. 76, 4255) we obtain a perturbative expansion for the time dependent particle density using volume fraction ff of spheres as an expansion parameter. The exact single particle tt-operator for partially absorbing boundary condition is used to obtain a closed form time-dependent diffusion coefficient D(t)D(t) accurate to first order in the volume fraction ff. Short and long time limits of D(t)D(t) are checked against the known short-time results for partially or fully absorbing boundary conditions and long-time results for reflecting boundary conditions. For fully absorbing boundary condition the long time diffusion coefficient is found to be D(t)=5a2/(12fD0t)+O((D0t/a2)2)D(t)=5 a^2/(12 f D_{0} t) +O((D_0t/a^2)^{-2}), to the first order of perturbation theory. Here ff is small but non-zero, D0D_0 the diffusion coefficient in the absence of spheres, and aa the radius of the spheres. The validity of this perturbative result is discussed

    Modified Liu-Carter Compression Model for Natural Clays with Various Initial Water Contents

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    The initial water content has a significant effect on the compression behaviour of reconstituted clays. This effect has to be considered in the Liu-Carter model to ensure the addition voids ratio only related to soil structure. A modified Liu-Carter compression model is proposed by introducing the empirical equations for reconstituted clays at different initial water contents into the Liu-Carter model. The proposed model is verified against the experimental results from the literature. The simulations by the proposed method are also compared with that by old method where the influence of initial water content is not considered. The results show that the predicted virgin compression curves of natural clays are similar, but the values of b and Δey may be very different