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    Colored Pseudo-Goldstone Bosons and Gauge Boson Pairs

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    If the electroweak symmetry breaking sector contains colored particles weighing a few hundred GeV, then they will be copiously produced at a hadron supercollider. Colored technipions can rescatter into pairs of gauge bosons. As proposed by Bagger, Dawson, and Valencia, this leads to gauge boson pair rates far larger than in the standard model. In this note we reconsider this mechanism, and illustrate it in a model in which the rates can be reliably calculated. The observation of both an enhanced rate of gauge-boson-pair events and colored particles would be a signal that the colored particles were pseudo-Goldstone bosons of symmetry breaking.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figures not include

    Why stay? Resilience in haemophilia physicians in the 1980s

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    Aims: The occurrence of AIDS in 1980s posed difficult problems for haemophilia clinicians worldwide. The impact of these events is substantial, and the events continue to be subject to judicial proceedings and publications. The stance of haemophilia physicians, particularly their professional resilience, is of importance and remains unexamined. / Methods: Deploying oral histories informed by literature review of scientific publications and past inquiry reports, this qualitative study addresses how physicians continued to work in haemophilia during those years and attributes that contributed to their resilience. / Results and conclusions: Experience and role in laboratory aspects were of value in handling and communicating uncertainty. Collegiality, peer support and scholarship were important in sustaining their roles, in clinical decision‐making and re‐instating confidence in the therapeutic relationship during the toughest years of their practice

    Phase conjugation by degenerate four wave mixing in disodium fluorescein solution in methanol

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    Organic dyes are known to show the resonant type of nonlinear optical properties, including phase conjugation. In the present work, disodium fluorescein in methanol is used as an organic nonlinear medium for degenerate four wave mixing at 532 nm to see the intensity dependence of the phase conjugate signal at different concentrations of the solution. It is observed that the maximum reflectivity of the signal occurs in a concentration range of 5 x 10(exp -3)/cu cm to 1.2 x 10(exp -2) g/cu cm. It is also observed that the intensity of the signal drops suddenly to less than half of its maximum outside the concentration range mentioned above. An investigation of the phase conjugate signal intensity by changing the delay time between probe signal and the forward pump is also examined. Briefly discussed is the possibility of population grating in dye liquids as a source of enhancing the third order susceptibility besides the other techniques mentioned in reference. The experiment is done by beam splitting the second harmonic (532 nm) of Nd:YAG laser, Q-switched at 20 pulses/sec (pulse width is approximately 8 and 200 mJ per pulse)

    Low-Energy Effective Theory, Unitarity, and Non-Decoupling Behavior in a Model with Heavy Higgs-Triplet Fields

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    We discuss the properties of a model incorporating both a scalar electroweak Higgs doublet and an electroweak Higgs triplet. We construct the low-energy effective theory for the light Higgs-doublet in the limit of small (but nonzero) deviations in the rho parameter from one, a limit in which the triplet states become heavy. For small deviations in the rho parameter from one, perturbative unitarity of WW scattering breaks down at a scale inversely proportional to the renormalized vacuum expectation value of the triplet field (or, equivalently, inversely proportional to the square-root of the deviation of the rho parameter from one). This result imposes an upper limit on the mass-scale of the heavy triplet bosons in a perturbative theory; we show that this upper bound is consistent with dimensional analysis in the low-energy effective theory. Recent articles have shown that the triplet bosons do not decouple, in the sense that deviations in the rho parameter from one do not necessarily vanish at one-loop in the limit of large triplet mass. We clarify that, despite the non-decoupling behavior of the Higgs-triplet, this model does not violate the decoupling theorem since it incorporates a large dimensionful coupling. Nonetheless, we show that if the triplet-Higgs boson masses are of order the GUT scale, perturbative consistency of the theory requires the (properly renormalized) Higgs-triplet vacuum expectation value to be so small as to be irrelevant for electroweak phenomenology.Comment: Revtex, 11 pages, 7 eps figures included; references updated and three footnotes adde

    Studies on the Accumulation of Chromium in Fenugreek

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    Studying Cr uptake by Fenugreek, we note that the maximum concentration of Cr takes place in the shells of the pods followed by leaves, stems and seeds in that order. Interestingly, applied higher doses of Cr does not increase accumulation of Cr in the stems, rather Cr content in the stems levels off. However, the maximum dispersal/distribution of Cr taken up is in the leaves

    Analysis of fuzzy logic controller based bi-directional DC-DC converter for battery energy management in hybrid solar/wind micro grid system

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    This paper proposes a fuzzy logic-based battery energy management system in hybrid renewable system. The novel topology consists of solar and wind energy system-based input sources and a battery bank to store the energy when in excess. The PV-Wind source is equipped with unidirectional boost converter whereas, the battery storage system is connected to the system with a bi-directional DC/DC converter. The main novelty of this research is the fuzzy logic-based battery management system which charges and discharges into the DC bus system based on the supply-load demand. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is used in the PV and wind energy conversion system (WECS) to track the maximum available power for the different irradiance and wind velocity respectively. The obtained results are compared to conventional P&O MPPT control algorithm to find the effectiveness of the system. A 500 W PV system and a 500 W Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) based WECS is implemented for its simplicity and high efficiency. The proposed control topology is designed and tested using MATLAB/Simulin

    Chromium uptake by Fenugreek

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    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum- graecum) is both herb (leaves) and a spice (seed) belonging to the family Fabaceae. Fenugreek leaves and seeds are used in the cuisine of India. Fenugreek also has medicinal value. Fenugreek seeds are known to reduce serum glucose and improve glucose tolerance and hence are prescribed to diabetic patients. In the recent past supplemental Chromium is being prescribed to diabetic patients to activate (increased- insulin binding, insulin receptor number, insulin receptor phosphorylation) insulin. Plants can uptake substantial quantities of toxic metals from contaminated soils if these soils are well ameliorated. 

It is then probable that the medicinal efficacy of Fenugreek in the case of diabetes could be enhanced if it takes up chromium from the soil. Preliminary studies are being conducted to note the chromium uptake by Fenugreek from soils which are applied with potassium dichromate