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    From telescopes to frames and simple groups

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    We introduce the notion of a telescope of groups. Very roughly a telescope is a directed system of groups that contains various commuting images of some fixed group BB. Telescopes are inspired from the theory of groups acting on rooted trees. Imitating known constructions of branch groups, we obtain a number of examples of BB-telescopes and discuss several applications. We give examples of 22-generated infinite amenable simple groups. We show that every finitely generated residually finite (amenable) group embeds into a finitely generated (amenable) LEF simple group. We construct 22-generated frames in products of finite simple groups and show that there are Grothendieck pairs consisting of amenable groups and groups with property (Ï„)(\tau). We give examples of automorphisms of finitely generated, residually finite, amenable groups that are not inner, but become inner in the profinite completion. We describe non-elementary amenable examples of finitely generated, residually finite groups all of whose finitely generated subnormal subgroups are direct factors.Comment: 41 pages, comments welcom

    The Sigma-Invariants of S-arithmetic subgroups of Borel groups

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    Schesler E. The Sigma-Invariants of S-arithmetic subgroups of Borel groups. Bielefeld: Universität Bielefeld; 2020