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    Career Pathways and Wage Ladders: A Key Opportunity for Improving Quality

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    To leverage the possible opportunity the Build Back Better Act presents, this policy brief closely examines the potential of career pathways and wage ladders to serve as the foundation for transformative change for the early care and education workforce.https://educate.bankstreet.edu/bsec/1008/thumbnail.jp

    Cultivating Powerful Mentorship in Educator Credential Programs

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    This publication explores Bank Street’s approach to mentorship and lessons learned through implementation and features an interview with three Graduate School faculty members: Valentine Burr, Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning; Jessica Wontropski, D13 Residency Program Administrator and Director of General and Special Education Programs; and Cristian Solorza, Director of the TESOL and Bilingual/Dual Language Programs.https://educate.bankstreet.edu/bsec/1010/thumbnail.jp

    A Snapshot of ECE Apprenticeship Programs

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    This publication offers a closer look at the key features of existing apprenticeship programs across the United States—such as the diversity and range of approaches to credentials, partnership models, funding, and how programs deliver quality mentoring and/or coaching support—to reimagine how program quality can be strengthened to deepen learning for participants.https://educate.bankstreet.edu/bsec/1012/thumbnail.jp

    A Framework for Coaching in Early Childhood Settings: Drawing on Bank Street College of Education’s Developmental-Interaction Approach (DIA)

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    Coaching helps teachers activate and better articulate their previous knowledge, skills, values, and belief systems, along with new concepts, to construct and continually refine an approach that is meaningful in their everyday work. This framework captures some commonalities of a positive coaching stance across contexts while allowing enough flexibility to make use of these ideas in ways that will serve that setting and teachers best.https://educate.bankstreet.edu/bsec/1009/thumbnail.jp