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    Local Analysis for 3D Reconstruction of Specular Surfaces

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    We explore the geometry linking the shape of a curved mirror surface to the distortions it produces on a scene it reflects. Our analysis is local and differential. We assume a simple calibrated scene composed of lines passing through a point. We demonstrate that local information about the geometry of the surface may be recovered up to the second order from either the orientation and curvature of the images of two intersecting lines, or from the orientation of the images of three or more intersecting lines. An explicit solution for calculating shape and position of spherical mirror surfaces is given

    Action Recognition by Hierarchical Mid-level Action Elements

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    Realistic videos of human actions exhibit rich spatiotemporal structures at multiple levels of granularity: an action can always be decomposed into multiple finer-grained elements in both space and time. To capture this intuition, we propose to represent videos by a hierarchy of mid-level action elements (MAEs), where each MAE corresponds to an action-related spatiotemporal segment in the video. We introduce an unsupervised method to generate this representation from videos. Our method is capable of distinguishing action-related segments from background segments and representing actions at multiple spatiotemporal resolutions. Given a set of spatiotemporal segments generated from the training data, we introduce a discriminative clustering algorithm that automatically discovers MAEs at multiple levels of granularity. We develop structured models that capture a rich set of spatial, temporal and hierarchical relations among the segments, where the action label and multiple levels of MAE labels are jointly inferred. The proposed model achieves state-of-the-art performance in multiple action recognition benchmarks. Moreover, we demonstrate the effectiveness of our model in real-world applications such as action recognition in large-scale untrimmed videos and action parsing