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    Ragam Bahasa Alay Dalam Jejaring Sosial (the Variety of Alay Language Used in Social Networks)

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    Ragam Bahasa Alay dalam Jejaring Sosial. Penelitian ini bertujuan (1) untuk mengetahui wujudfonologi bahasa alay dalam jejaring sosial, (2) proses fonologi bahasa alay dalam jejaring sosial, (3)wujud morfologi bahasa alay dalam jejaring sosial, (4) proses morfologi bahasa alay dalam jejaringsosial. Pendekatan yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah pendekatan kualitatif. Adapun jenispenelitian ini adalah jenis penelitian sosiolinguistik dan linguistik umum. Metode yang digunakandalam penelitian ini adalah metode deskriptif. Data dalam penelitian ini berupa kalimat atau kata-katayang terdapat dalam jejaring sosial. Sumber data yang digunakan berasal dari macam-macam jejaringsosial, seperti facebook, twitter, path, dan instagram. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalahteknik analisis isi. Hasil penelitian bahasa alay dalam jejaring sosial menunjukkan bahwa dalam prosesfonologi terdapat Perubahan fonem, apokop, aferesis, sinkop, monoftongisasi, diftongisasi, epentesis, danmetasis. Sementara itu, dalam proses morfologi terdapat Perubahan reduplikasi, Perubahan afiksasi,dan pemendekan.Kata

    Peningkatan Kompentensi Guru IPA Biologi Sekolah Menengah Pertama melalui Pelatihan dan Pembekalan Materi di Laboratorium Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan

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    Tujuan pengabdian pada masayarakat ini untuk meningkatkan pemahaman guru Biologi tentang materi dan konsep IPA, dan meningkatkan kreatifitas serta menemukan cara-cara pendekatan pembelajaran yang kreatif dan inovatif sehingga materi mudah dimengerti oleh siswa, membantu guru mendiskusikan topik-topik yang kurang dipahami siswa sehingga guru bisa secara bersama-sama merencanakan pembelajaran yang lebih baik. Pendekatan yang dilakukan dengan memberikan pelatihan/penyuluhan berupa penguatan materi terutama di laboratorium, memberikan stimulasi kepada guru bagaimana mengembangkan ide dan pendekatan-pendekatan kreatif yang dapat membantu siswa memahami konsep yang diajarkan guru, membantu guru yang akan mengikuti ujian kompetensi guru agar lebih siap dan dan lebih memahami materi yang mungkin diujikan sebagai persiapan sertifikasi. Kegiatan PPM yang sudah dilakukan yaitu persiapan dengan mengadakan pertemuan dengan pihak Diknas Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan untuk memantapkan proses pelaksanaan dengan mendatangkan guru-guru IPA SMP sebanyak 20 Orang yang berasal dari berbagai kecamatan yang ada di Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan. Hasil analisis angket kompetensi guru-guru IPA didapat informasi pada aspek perencanaan memperoleh 68,74% dengan criteria cukup, hal yang sama terjadi pada evaluasi dengan nilai 65,65%. Sementara itu pada aspek pelaksanaan memperoleh 85,93% dengan criteria Baik sekali

    Genome-wide association study identifies two susceptibility loci for osteosarcoma

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    Osteosarcoma is the most common primary bone malignancy of adolescents and young adults. To better understand the genetic etiology of osteosarcoma, we performed a multistage genome-wide association study consisting of 941 individuals with osteosarcoma (cases) and 3,291 cancer-free adult controls of European ancestry. Two loci achieved genome-wide significance: a locus in the GRM4 gene at 6p21.3 (encoding glutamate receptor metabotropic 4; rs1906953; P = 8.1 √ó 10‚ĀĽ‚ĀĻ) and a locus in the gene desert at 2p25.2 (rs7591996 and rs10208273; P = 1.0 √ó 10‚ĀĽ‚Āł and 2.9 √ó 10‚ĀĽ‚Ā∑, respectively). These two loci warrant further exploration to uncover the biological mechanisms underlying susceptibility to osteosarcoma

    31st Annual Meeting and Associated Programs of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC 2016) : part two

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    Background The immunological escape of tumors represents one of the main ob- stacles to the treatment of malignancies. The blockade of PD-1 or CTLA-4 receptors represented a milestone in the history of immunotherapy. However, immune checkpoint inhibitors seem to be effective in specific cohorts of patients. It has been proposed that their efficacy relies on the presence of an immunological response. Thus, we hypothesized that disruption of the PD-L1/PD-1 axis would synergize with our oncolytic vaccine platform PeptiCRAd. Methods We used murine B16OVA in vivo tumor models and flow cytometry analysis to investigate the immunological background. Results First, we found that high-burden B16OVA tumors were refractory to combination immunotherapy. However, with a more aggressive schedule, tumors with a lower burden were more susceptible to the combination of PeptiCRAd and PD-L1 blockade. The therapy signifi- cantly increased the median survival of mice (Fig. 7). Interestingly, the reduced growth of contralaterally injected B16F10 cells sug- gested the presence of a long lasting immunological memory also against non-targeted antigens. Concerning the functional state of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), we found that all the immune therapies would enhance the percentage of activated (PD-1pos TIM- 3neg) T lymphocytes and reduce the amount of exhausted (PD-1pos TIM-3pos) cells compared to placebo. As expected, we found that PeptiCRAd monotherapy could increase the number of antigen spe- cific CD8+ T cells compared to other treatments. However, only the combination with PD-L1 blockade could significantly increase the ra- tio between activated and exhausted pentamer positive cells (p= 0.0058), suggesting that by disrupting the PD-1/PD-L1 axis we could decrease the amount of dysfunctional antigen specific T cells. We ob- served that the anatomical location deeply influenced the state of CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes. In fact, TIM-3 expression was in- creased by 2 fold on TILs compared to splenic and lymphoid T cells. In the CD8+ compartment, the expression of PD-1 on the surface seemed to be restricted to the tumor micro-environment, while CD4 + T cells had a high expression of PD-1 also in lymphoid organs. Interestingly, we found that the levels of PD-1 were significantly higher on CD8+ T cells than on CD4+ T cells into the tumor micro- environment (p < 0.0001). Conclusions In conclusion, we demonstrated that the efficacy of immune check- point inhibitors might be strongly enhanced by their combination with cancer vaccines. PeptiCRAd was able to increase the number of antigen-specific T cells and PD-L1 blockade prevented their exhaus- tion, resulting in long-lasting immunological memory and increased median survival

    Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and angiotensin receptor blocker initiation on organ support-free days in patients hospitalized with COVID-19