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    Determinants of Export Services of USA with its Asian Partners: A Panel Data Analysis

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    Trade in services has accounted for 20 per cent of global trade. Despite the increasing importance of services trade in global economy, there has been limited research on service trade which uses determinants driving such trade. The present paper has examined the export potential in service sector of USA with its Asian trade partners (Japan, China, India, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong) by taking into account geographic, economic and other features. The approach is based on gravity model, widely used to analyze trade in goods and has more recently been applied to service sector. Being a nature of study is of panel data i.e. for 9 years (2000-2008) and six cross sections, the study used panel data methodology. The study revealed that USA has export potential in services for India and Japan. Regarding the convergent and divergent economies, USA had convergence in exports with three Asian countries (Hong Kong, India and Korea) and divergence with three Asian countries (Japan, China and Singapore). There is a large scope for export expansion for Hong Kong, India and Korea

    Software Metrics and Metric Tools- A Review

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    Object-Oriented design is turn out to be more significant in software development environment as stated by the IEEE standard thesaurus of software engineering. It also conclude that software metrics are much more vital in software engineering for determining the software quality characteristics. There are many approaches by virtue of which we can measure the software cost estimation plus predicates on numerous types of deliverable items. Metric tools are used to estimate the measures like lines of code object point, function points etc. This paper highlights mostly the classification of software quality metrics like size metrics, complexity metrics etc. and different metrics tools. DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.16046

    Online learning factors that influence the student’s learning outcomes

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    The research aim is to determine the factors of online learning which has influences on the students learning outcomes. This research is conducted using an online survey to find out the online learning factors from the student’s perspective. Research on the definition and many features of online education is numerous but there are relatively few publications on the determinants of online learning. Online education is becoming an increasingly significant part of higher education as both online and traditional colleges continue to broaden their online offerings. The purpose of this research is to understand the online learning factors which can influence student learning outcomes. All the factors are discussed in the literature in detail. The finding indicated that student’s learning outcomes are influenced by some factors which are interaction, motivation, satisfaction and advantages of online learning. To find out the effectiveness of online learning an online survey is conducted and circulated on social media platforms. The data gathered from the survey show that online learning is growing rapidly and is very effective with different advantages. Many aspects play important roles, and this literature review will go further into a few of them. The research demonstrates that the importance of technological infrastructure and connection in guaranteeing the effectiveness of online learning is critical. In addition, content and technology suppliers require mobile, high-quality, interoperable solutions so that the same information is offered inside the same institution across other institutions and departments. This research uses the quantitative analysis approach. This study's test model is a revised Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Data was gathered using an online survey method and convenience sampling. The remaining part of the research report is structured as follows: First, the related literature on the factors is examined, and hypotheses for this research are developed. Following that, the research method for this study is addressed. The analysis findings, discussion of the findings, and limits for this study are then presented. The appendix and references are the final parts

    Memory Management and Reuse Mechanism for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing to Minimize Energy Consumption : A Review Paper

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    Cloud computing is an emerging computing technology for large data centers that maintains computational resources through the internet, rather than on local computers. VM migration provides the capability to balance the load, system maintenance and fault tolerance, etc. However, existing migration techniques, used to migrate virtual machines keeping memory images of VMs in host and skipping transfer of unchanged memory pages to reduce the amount of transfer data during migration, if number of migrations increases, number of memory images stored on host are also increased, this causes memory starvation.  In this paper, a propose technique that reduces the size of memory image stored on source host before migration.  When a VM migrates to other host, memory images of VM is kept in the source host after removing unwanted data according to the Probability factor. When the VM migrates back to the original host later, the kept memory image will be “reused”, i.e. data which are identical to the kept data will not be transferred and comparative to existing system the size of memory image is small. To validate this approach, evaluate the results using different threshold levels and probability factor of change in data. Proposed system required less memory to store the memory image and allow more VMs to be hosted. Specifically, proposed work is used to improve resource efficiency throughout by reducing the size of memory image that is stored on source host. Keywords: Cloud computing, Migration, Virtualization, Virtual Machine, Physical Machine, Live Virtual Machine Migration

    A Pilot Study: The relationship of hope and anxiety in graduate-level counseling students anticipating taking a tests and measurements course.

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    The ability of comprehend test-based assessments implies careful training and the question arises of the dynamics of the tests and measurements course which are required for masters level counseling students. Research has focused thoroughly on education and training in psychological assessments addressing issues such as how students ought to be trained in the area (Childs & Eyde, 1990), however little investigation has been done on how students perceive the tests and measurements course. While studies have shed light on the fact that often students themselves tend to question the adequacy of their training (Dempster, 1990; Hilsenroth & Handler, 1995), there is still lack in research regarding the disposition of students prior to training

    IoT based Health Care System for Cholera Infection

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    The healthcare is a significant issue which is concerned with every human being. The hitch which exists now days is lack of time. Some diseases are reparative, and some are fatal in nature. The proposed paper deals with Cholera which is an infection of the small intestine. Cholera infection could be sewage, and its cure in the form of medicines is available. In our proposed system, the user will enter some parameters to diagnose disease. The parameters entered by the user should be stored in a cloud database. These entered parameters will be analyzed by a doctor to diagnose the level of disease. The information presented by the user will be secured since it is protected through authorization. Unauthorized users will not be able to access information stored in a cloud database

    Self-assembly and potassium ion triggered disruption of peptide-based soft structures

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    This report describes formation of soft vesicular structures by a tetrapeptide and its disruption triggered by potassium ions
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