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    Translocality and a Duality Principle in Generally Covariant Quantum Field Theory

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    It is argued that the formal rules of correspondence between local observation procedures and observables do not exhaust the entire physical content of generally covariant quantum field theory. This result is obtained by expressing the distinguishing features of the local kinematical structure of quantum field theory in the generally covariant context in terms of a translocal structure which carries the totality of the nonlocal kinematical informations in a local region. This gives rise to a duality principle at the dynamical level which emphasizes the significance of the underlying translocal structure for modelling a minimal algebra around a given point. We discuss the emergence of classical properties from this point of view.Comment: 12 pages. To appear in Classical Quantum Gravit

    Prevalence and intensity of depression in mothers of children with beta-thalassemia major in Talghani Hospital of Gorgan, Iran

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    Background: Thalassemia is a chronic disease that it leads to psychological and social problems for parents. Mothers are at markedly increased risk of suffering from psychological distress and depression because they usually take on a considerable part of extra care that their children need.This study was designed to determine prevalence and intensity of depression in mothers with a thalassemic child. Material and Methods: In this cross - sectional study, 65 mothers of children with thalassemia major (case group) and 65 mothers of children without thalassemia major (control group) were assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Data were analyzed by using SPSS (v 16.0) for windows. Results: Prevalence of depression was significantly higher in case group than that in control group (84.6%vs. 56.9%, p <0.05). Moderate depression had a highest prevalence in the both groups (33.4% in case group and 30.8% in control group). Prevalence of severe depression in case group was markedly higher than that in control group (29.2% vs. 3.1% p<0.05). There was a significant difference between intensity of depression in mothers of case group that had another child with beta-thalassemia major (p<0.05). Conclusion: Mothers of children with thalassemia major are vulnerable to depression. They need psychosocial support to promote their health. © Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University
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