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    Recoil Ranges of Products from Reactions of Cu65 with 11-33 Mev He3 Ions

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    Recoil ranges of products from reactions copper 65 with 11-35 MeV helium 3 ion

    Beware the Non-uniqueness of Einstein Rings

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    We explain how an approximation to the rings formed by the host galaxies in lensed QSOs can be inferred from the QSO data alone. A simple ring image can be made from any lens model by a simple piece of computer graphics: just plot a contour map of the arrival-time surface with closely-spaced contours. We go on to explain that rings should be (a) sensitive to time-delay ratios between different pairs of images, but (b) very insensitive to H_0. We illustrate this for the well-known quads 1115+080 and 1608+656.Comment: To appear in AJ (circa Aug 2001
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