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    Implications of a class of neutrino mass matrices with texture zeros for non-zero θ13\theta_{13}

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    A class of neutrino mass matrices with texture zeros realizable using the group Z3Z_3 within the framework of type (I+II) seesaw mechanism naturally admits a non-zero θ13\theta_{13} and allows for deviations from maximal mixing. The phenomenology of this model is reexamined in the light of recent hints for non-zero θ13\theta_{13}.Comment: some references added, version published in Physical Review

    Neutrino Parameter Space for a Vanishing eeee Element in the Neutrino Mass Matrix

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    The consequences of a texture zero at the eeee entry of neutrino mass matrix in the flavor basis, which also implies a vanishing effective Majorana mass for neutrinoless double beta decay, have been studied for Majorana neutrinos. The neutrino parameter space under this condition has been constrained in the light of all available neutrino data including the CHOOZ bound on s132s_{13}^{2}.Comment: 10 pages, 4 eps figures, typographical errors corrected, version to appear in Mod. Phys. Lett.