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    A cognitive hierarchy model of learning in networks

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    This paper proposes a method for estimating a hierarchical model of bounded rationality in games of learning in networks. A cognitive hierarchy comprises a set of cognitive types whose behavior ranges from random to substantively rational. SpeciÖcally, each cognitive type in the model corresponds to the number of periods in which economic agents process new information. Using experimental data, we estimate type distributions in a variety of task environments and show how estimated distributions depend on the structural properties of the environments. The estimation results identify signiÖcant levels of behavioral hetero-geneity in the experimental data and overall conÖrm comparative static conjectures on type distributions across task environments. Surprisingly, the model replicates the aggregate pat-terns of the behavior in the data quite well. Finally, we found that the dominant type in the data is closely related to Bayes-rational behavior

    Design and analysis for TCP-friendly window-based congestion control

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    The current congestion control mechanisms for the Internet date back to the early 1980’s and were primarily designed to stop congestion collapse with the typical traffic of that era. In recent years the amount of traffic generated by real-time multimedia applications has substantially increased, and the existing congestion control often does not opt to those types of applications. By this reason, the Internet can be fall into a uncontrolled system such that the overall throughput oscillates too much by a single flow which in turn can lead a poor application performance. Apart from the network level concerns, those types of applications greatly care of end-to-end delay and smoother throughput in which the conventional congestion control schemes do not suit. In this research, we will investigate improving the state of congestion control for real-time and interactive multimedia applications. The focus of this work is to provide fairness among applications using different types of congestion control mechanisms to get a better link utilization, and to achieve smoother and predictable throughput with suitable end-to-end packet delay

    High-power microstrip switch

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    Switch, which uses only two p-i-n diodes on microstrip substrate, has been developed for application in spacecraft radio systems. Switch features improved power drain, weight, volume, magnetic cleanliness, and reliability, over currently-used circulator and electromechanical switches

    Supersymmetry at the Linear Collider

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    If supersymmetry (SUSY) is realized at the electroweak scale, its underlying structure and breaking mechanism may be explored with great precision by a future linear e+ee^+ e^- collider (LC) with a clean environment, tunable collision energy, high luminosity polarized beams, and additional eee^-e^-, eγe\gamma and γγ\gamma\gamma modes. In this report we summarize four papers submitted to the ICHEP04 conference about the precise measurements of the top squark parameters and tanβ\tan\beta, the impacts of the CP phases on the search for top/bottom squarks, the Majorana nature and CP violation in the neutralino system, the implications of the SUSY dark matter scenario for the LC experiments, and the characteristics of the neutralino sector of the next--to--minimal supersymmetric standard model at the LCComment: 5 pages, 3 figures, contribution to the proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on High-Energy Physics (ICHEP 04), Beijing, China, 16-22 Aug 200