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    New maximum principles for linear elliptic equations

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    We prove extensions of the estimates of Aleksandrov and Bakel′'man for linear elliptic operators in Euclidean space Rn\Bbb{R}^{\it n} to inhomogeneous terms in LqL^q spaces for q<nq < n. Our estimates depend on restrictions on the ellipticity of the operators determined by certain subcones of the positive cone. We also consider some applications to local pointwise and L2L^2 estimates

    New Limit for the Half-Life of 2K(2neutrino)-Capture Decay Mode of 78Kr

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    Features of data accumulated at 1817 hours in the experimental search for 2K(2 \nu)-capture decay mode of Kr-78 are discussed. The new limit for this decay half-life is found to be T_{1/2} > 2.3 *10^{20} yr. (90% C.L.).Comment: 7 pages, 4 figures, submitted to Phys. of Atom. Nuc
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