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    Dynamics and evolution of close binary systems

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    Dynamics and evolution of eclipsing binary sta

    Effect of non-synchronous rotation on close binary stars

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    Nonsynchronous rotation effect on limiting surface of component star in close binarie

    On the mass-luminosity relation for galaxies

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    Relation between neutral hydrogen mass and luminosity for spiral and irregular galaxie

    Rotating emission ring in binary systems

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    Rotating emission ring in terms of stability of periodic orbits in restricted three-body problem for binary system

    Optimal control of the heave motion of marine cable subsea-unit systems

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    One of the key problems associated with subsea operations involving tethered subsea units is the motions of support vessels on the ocean surface which can be transmitted to the subsea unit through the cable and increase the tension. In this paper, a theoretical approach for heave compensation is developed. After proper modelling of each element of the system, which includes the cable/subsea-unit, the onboard winch, control theory is applied to design an optimal control law. Numerical simulations are carried out, and it is found that the proposed active control scheme appears to be a promising solution to the problem of heave compensation

    On Measuring Consumer Welfare Effects of Trade Reform

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    We develop a measure of consumer welfare by approximating Hicksian compensating variation as a function of all commodity prices and compensated price elasticities. The unique feature of this approach is that all direct- and cross-commodity effects of a demand system are incorporated into the welfare measurement. This approach is useful for developing an instrumental model to evaluate the consumer welfare effects of trade reform. For illustration, the proposed procedure is applied to Taiwan's meat industry, and various scenarios are considered to show the effects of eliminating meat tariff rates on the quantities of meat demanded and on the savings of meat expenditures.Consumer/Household Economics, International Relations/Trade,
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