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    Strangelets at Chacaltaya

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    We discuss the possible imprints of strangelets (i.e., lumps of Strange Quark Matter) in Chacaltaya experimental data using model of propagation of such objects through the atmosphere developed by us recently.Comment: gz-compressed .tar file containing LaTeX file and 4 PS files with figures, 5 pages altogether (Nuovo Cimento cimento.cls style file attached) Presented at Chacaltaya Meeting On Cosmic Ray Physics, La Paz - Bolivia, 23-27 July 2000. To be published in Nuovo Cimento (Proc. Suppl.

    Are there strangelets in cosmic rays?

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    Assuming that cosmic rays entering the Earth's atmosphere contain a small admixture of nuggets of strange quark matter in form of strangelets one can explain a number of apparently "strange" effects observed in different cosmic rays experiments. We shall demonstrate here that the mass spectrum of such strangelets filles the "nuclear desert" gap existing between the heaviest elements observed in Universe and the next "nuclear-like objects" represented by neutron and strange stars.Comment: Presented at 19th ECRS, Florence, 200

    Muon bundles from the Universe

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    Recently the CERN ALICE experiment, in its dedicated cosmic ray run, observed muon bundles of very high multiplicities, thereby confirming similar findings from the LEP era at CERN (in the CosmoLEP project). Significant evidence for anisotropy of arrival directions of the observed high multiplicity muonic bundles is found. Estimated directionality suggests their possible extragalactic provenance. We argue that muonic bundles of highest multiplicity are produced by strangelets, hypothetical stable lumps of strange quark matter infiltrating our Universe.Comment: 4 pages, Proceedings for 17th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter, Utrecht, the Netherland
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