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    A MALDI-TOF MS approach for mammalian, human, and formula milks’ profiling

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    Human milk composition is dynamic, and substitute formulae are intended to mimic its protein content. The purpose of this study was to investigate the potentiality of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS), followed by multivariate data analyses as a tool to analyze the peptide profiles of mammalian, human, and formula milks. Breast milk samples from women at different lactation stages (2 (n = 5), 30 (n = 6), 60 (n = 5), and 90 (n = 4) days postpartum), and milk from donkeys (n = 4), cows (n = 4), buffaloes (n = 7), goats (n = 4), ewes (n = 5), and camels (n = 2) were collected. Different brands (n = 4) of infant formulae were also analyzed. Protein content (<30 kDa) was analyzed by MS, and data were exported for statistical elaborations. The mass spectra for each milk closely clustered together, whereas different milk samples resulted in well-separated mass spectra. Human samples formed a cluster in which colostrum constituted a well-defined subcluster. None of the milk formulae correlated with animal or human milk, although they were specifically characterized and correlated well with each other. These findings propose MALDI-TOF MS milk profiling as an analytical tool to discriminate, in a blinded way, different milk types. As each formula has a distinct specificity, shifting a baby from one to another formula implies a specific proteomic exposure. These profiles may assist in milk proteomics for easiness of use and minimization of costs, suggesting that the MALDI-TOF MS pipelines may be useful for not only milk adulteration assessments but also for the characterization of banked milk specimens in pediatric clinical settings

    Características dos homens submetidos à vasectomia no serviço de urologia do Departamento de Medicina da Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Maringá, Estado do Paraná = Characteristics of men submitted to a vasectomy in the service of urology of the department of medicine of the state university of Maringá, Maringá, Paraná State

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    A vasectomia é um método simples, seguro e uma das mais eficazes práticas de contracepção conhecidas. Há poucos dados sobre a real característica dos pacientes que a escolhem. Este trabalho visa verificar as características dos pacientes submetidos à vasectomia no serviço de Urologia da Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Maringá, Estado do Paraná. A metodologia envolveu o estudo de variáveis: idade, raça, tempo de união, escolaridade, renda, conhecimento deste e de outros métodos de contracepção, o acesso desta população a este tipo de informação, a decisão sobre a operação, o estado marital, aidade dos filhos. Dos 27 pacientes analisados, a maioria estava na faixa etária entre 31 e 40 anos, eram casados, possuía em média dois filhos, baixa escolaridade, renda de até três salários mínimos. O conhecimento do perfil da população estudada permitirá maioresclarecimento sobre a vasectomia, possibilitando difusão e aplicabilidade desta técnica como método contraceptivo.The vasectomy is a simple, safe method and one of most efficientpractical contraceptive known. There are a few information about the real characteristic of the patients who choose it. This work aims at to verify the characteristics of the patients submitted to the vasectomy in the service of Urology of the State University of Maringá, Maringá, Paraná State. The methodology involved the study of variable: age, race, time of union, school degree, income, knowledge of this and other methods contraceptive, the access of this population to this type of information, the decision on the operation, the marital state, the age of the children. Of the 27 analyzed patients, the majority was in the age group between 31 and 40 years, were married, have in average two children, low schooldegree, income of up to three minimum wages. In this way, we conclude that the knowledge of the profile of the vasectomizated patients will allow a major explanation about vasectomy, that way there will be a major of diffusion of this contraceptive method