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    Polynomials with prescribed bad primes

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    We tabulate polynomials in Z[t] with a given factorization partition, bad reduction entirely within a given set of primes, and satisfying auxiliary conditions associated to 0, 1, and infinity. We explain how these sets of polynomials are of particular interest because of their role in the construction of nonsolvable number fields of arbitrarily large degree and bounded ramification. Finally we discuss the similar but technically more complicated tabulation problem corresponding to removing the auxiliary conditions.Comment: 26 pages, 3 figure

    Hurwitz Monodromy and Full Number Fields

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    We give conditions for the monodromy group of a Hurwitz space over the configuration space of branch points to be the full alternating or symmetric group on the degree. Specializing the resulting coverings suggests the existence of many number fields with full Galois group and surprisingly little ramification --- for example, the existence of infinitely many such number fields unramified away from {2,3,5}

    A database of number fields

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    We describe an online database of number fields which accompanies this paper The database centers on complete lists of number fields with prescribed invariants. Our description here focuses on summarizing tables and connections to theoretical issues of current interest.Comment: 25 pages, 1 figur
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