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    Evaluation of Aglianico grape skin and seed polyphenols astringency by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of salivary proteins after the binding reaction

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    SDS–PAGE electrophoresis and densitometry analysis were carried out to evaluate the reactivity of Aglianico red grape skin and seed polyphenols with human salivary proteins in order to find a method able to assess their astringency. Analysis of the supernatant obtained after a tannin/human salivary protein binding assay and sensorial analysis showed that four proteins, lactoferrin, PRPbg1, PRPbg2 and a-amylase, were the proteins best able to distinguish tannin solutions characterised by different levels of astringency. A correlation between densitometric data and tannin concentration was plotted in order to give an indirect measure of astringency. The two sources of Aglianico grape polyphenols differed from each other in astringency power; the seed extract solution was about two-fold more tannic than the skin one. The difference in astringency was also perceived by sensorial analysis. The results from this study show that SDS–PAGE electrophoresis of human salivary proteins after the binding reaction with grape polyphenol extracts, coupled with densitometric analysis and the use of a calibration curve, looks extremely promising as a new approach to evaluate polyphenol astringency

    Hubungan Antar Indeks Massa Tubuh terhadap Skor Psoriasis Area And Severity Indeks pada Pasien Psoriasis di RSUD Dr. Soedarso Pontianak

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    Latar Belakang. Psoriasis merupakan penyakit inflamasi kulit yang disebabkan autoimun, bersifat kronis dan residif.. Skor Psoriasis Area and Severity Indeks (PASI) dapat digunakan untuk menilai derajat keparahan dari psoriasis. Peningkatan faktor-faktor inflamasi juga terjadi pada kondisi orang dengan berat badan berlebih hingga obesitas, keadaan tersebut dapat diukur dengan menghitung indeks massa tubuh (IMT). Tujuan penelitian adalah untuk mengetahui hubungan antara skor PASI dan IMT pada pasien psoriasis di RSUD dr. Soedarso Pontianak. Metode. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan metode analisis data cross sectional dan menggunakan uji ChiSquare. Subjek penelitian sebanyak 35 dipilih sebagai sampel penelitian dengan menggunakan consecutive sampling. Hasil. Didapatkan skor PASI ringan hingga sedang memiliki IMT underweight–normal berjumlah 19 orang, sedangkan pasien dengan IMT overweight–obesity sebanyak 2 orang. Pasien psoriasis dengan skor PASI berat hingga sangat berat hanya memiliki IMT overweight–obesity sebanyak 14 orang. Kesimpulan. Terdapat hubungan bermakna antara IMT terhadap skor PASI (p=0,000). Hasil ini membuktikan bahwa peningkatan indeks massa tubuh (overweight – obesity) dapat meningkatkan derajat keparahan psoriasis

    Cheating and the evolutionary stability of mutualisms

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    Interspecific mutualisms have been playing a central role in the functioning of all ecosystems since the early history of life. Yet the theory of coevolution of mutualists is virtually nonexistent, by contrast with well-developed coevolutionary theories of competition, predator–prey and host–parasite interactions. This has prevented resolution of a basic puzzle posed by mutualisms: their persistence in spite of apparent evolutionary instability. The selective advantage of 'cheating', that is, reaping mutualistic benefits while providing fewer commodities to the partner species, is commonly believed to erode a mutualistic interaction, leading to its dissolution or reciprocal extinction. However, recent empirical findings indicate that stable associations of mutualists and cheaters have existed over long evolutionary periods. Here, we show that asymmetrical competition within species for the commodities offered by mutualistic partners provides a simple and testable ecological mechanism that can account for the long-term persistence of mutualisms. Cheating, in effect, establishes a background against which better mutualists can display any competitive superiority. This can lead to the coexistence and divergence of mutualist and cheater phenotypes, as well as to the coexistence of ecologically similar, but unrelated mutualists and cheaters

    A Mixed Method Study of Shifts in Patrol Tactics Attributed to Police Involvement in National Events and Movements

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    Over the past few years a series of high profile events involving the use of deadly force by police against individuals of minority descent have sparked national reactions driven in some part by modern media coverage. These reactions have included backlash against law enforcement both within the cities directly involved and those not directly involved. This has led to speculation by some that patrol officers are changing their tactics in a less proactive manner. The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences, motivation, and practices of an individual department not directly involved with one of the aforementioned nationally scrutinized events. A mixed methods design, focused specifically on patrol officers, was utilized to gain insight into the perceptions and actions of the men and women of an urban patrol division. Patrol officers were surveyed using elements of an instrument utilized in a national poll in order to produce comparable data. Patrol supervisors interviewed and asked open-ended questions selected to gauge their own experiences as well as their perceptions of their subordinates’ experiences. The study found that a majority of patrol officers report changing their tactics and a majority of patrol supervisors report not having changed their tactics in reaction to recent national events. The study revealed similarities to trends reported in national polls, although in large not to the levels of the national polls

    Analisis Perkembangan Produksi Perikanan Budidaya di Kabupaten Rokan Hulu Provinsi Riau

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    The Research on Analysis of Aquaculture Production Development wasconducted in 31 May – 16 June 2014 at Rokan Hulu Regency of Riau Province.The aims of the study were to determine the aquaculture resource potentialthrough the production development analysis, includes the effect of theaquaculture production and also production estimate for the next five years. Themethod used in this study is a Survey Research Development to view theproduction progress each year to support district development.The result showed that the progress of aquaculture production increasedannually with average of 25% per year, and the impact of aquaculture toproduction about 80,8 %, as well as production estimate for 5 years

    Characterization of a defective PbWO4 crystal cut along the a-c crystallographic plane: structural assessment and a novel photoelastic stress analysis

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    Among scintillators, the PWO is one of the most widely used, for instance in CMS calorimeter at CERN and PANDA project. Crystallographic structure and chemical composition as well as residual stress condition, are indicators of homogeneity and good quality of the crystal. In this paper, structural characterization of a defective PbWO4 (PWO) crystal has been performed by X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and Photoelasticity in the unusual a-c crystallographic plane. XRD and EDS analysis have been used to investigate crystallographic orientation and chemical composition, while stress distribution, which indicates macroscopic inhomogeneities and defects, has been obtained by photoelastic approaches, in Conoscopic and Sphenoscopic configuration. Since the sample is cut along the a-c crystallographic plane, a new method is proposed for the interpretation of the fringe pattern. The structural analysis has detected odds from the nominal lattice dimension, which can be attributed to the strong presence of Pb and W. A strong inhomogeneity over the crystal sample has been revealed by the photoelastic inspection. The results give reliability to the proposed procedure which is exploitable in crystals with other structures.Comment: 18 pages, 10 figures, revised versio
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