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    EP-1536: X-ray pulse time matters in CBCT imaging

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    PO-0875: Patient specific scatter distributions in CBCT imaging calculated by Monte Carlo simulations

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    This paper proposes a hybrid software-hardware high-resolution projection system for 3D imaging based on fringe projection. The proposed solution combines the advantages of a digital projection with those of an analogue one. It is programmable and allows a high projection rate by avoiding mechanical displacements in the projection system. Moreover, it does not suffer from the limitations of digital systems such as the presence of inter-pixel gaps and limited resolution. The proposed projection system is relatively inexpensive to build since it is composed of a simple arrangement off-the-shelf components. The system is a combination of a low-resolution digital device such as a DMD, LCoS or LCD, some optical components and software to generate the fringe patterns. A prototype of a 3D scanner based on the proposed projection system is used to asses the fitness of the proposed technology.Peer reviewed: YesNRC publication: Ye