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    The challenge of the chiral Potts model

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    The chiral Potts model continues to pose particular challenges in statistical mechanics: it is ``exactly solvable'' in the sense that it satisfies the Yang-Baxter relation, but actually obtaining the solution is not easy. Its free energy was calculated in 1988 and the order parameter was conjectured in full generality a year later. However, a derivation of that conjecture had to wait until 2005. Here we discuss that derivation.Comment: 22 pages, 3 figures, 29 reference

    The order parameter of the chiral Potts model

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    An outstanding problem in statistical mechanics is the order parameter of the chiral Potts model. An elegant conjecture for this was made in 1983. It has since been successfully tested against series expansions, but as far as the author is aware there is as yet no proof of the conjecture. Here we show that if one makes a certain analyticity assumption similar to that used to derive the free energy, then one can indeed verify the conjecture. The method is based on the ``broken rapidity line'' approach pioneered by Jimbo, Miwa and Nakayashiki.Comment: 29 pages, 7 figures. Citations made more explicit and some typos correcte

    Derivation of the order parameter of the chiral Potts model

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    We derive the order parameter of the chiral Potts model, using the method of Jimbo et al. The result agrees with previous conjectures.Comment: Version 2 submitted 21 Feb 2005. It has 7 pages, 2 figures. The introduction has been expanded and a significant typographical error in eqn 23 has been correcte

    Corner transfer matrices in statistical mechanics

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    Corner transfer matrices are a useful tool in the statistical mechanics of simple two-dimensinal models. They can be very effective way of obtaining series expansions of unsolved models, and of calculating the order parameters of solved ones. Here we review these features and discuss the reason why the method fails to give the order parameter of the chiral Potts model.Comment: 18 pages, 4 figures, for Proceedings of Conference on Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations. (SIDE VII), Melbourne, July 200

    The Complex of Solutions of the Nested Bethe Ansatz. The A_2 Spin Chain

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    The full set of polynomial solutions of the nested Bethe Ansatz is constructed for the case of A_2 rational spin chain. The structure and properties of these associated solutions are more various then in the case of usual XXX (A_1) spin chain but their role is similar

    Gaudin Hypothesis for the XYZ Spin Chain

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    The XYZ spin chain is considered in the framework of the generalized algebraic Bethe ansatz developed by Takhtajan and Faddeev. The sum of norms of the Bethe vectors is computed and expressed in the form of a Jacobian. This result corresponds to the Gaudin hypothesis for the XYZ spin chain.Comment: 12 pages, LaTeX2e (+ amssymb, amsthm); to appear in J. Phys.

    The six and eight-vertex models revisited

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    Elliott Lieb's ice-type models opened up the whole field of solvable models in statistical mechanics. Here we discuss the ``commuting transfer matrix'' T,QT, Q equations for these models, writing them in a more explicit and transparent notation that we believe offers new insights. The approach manifests the relationship between the six-vertex and chiral Potts models, and between the eight-vertex and Kashiwara-Miwa models.Comment: 30 pages, 6 figure

    Transfer matrix functional relations for the generalized tau_2(t_q) model

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    The NN-state chiral Potts model in lattice statistical mechanics can be obtained as a ``descendant'' of the six-vertex model, via an intermediate ``QQ'' or ``τ2(tq)\tau_2 (t_q)'' model. Here we generalize this to obtain a column-inhomogeneous τ2(tq)\tau_2 (t_q) model, and derive the functional relations satisfied by its row-to-row transfer matrix. We do {\em not} need the usual chiral Potts relations between the NNth powers of the rapidity parameters ap,bp,cp,dpa_p, b_p, c_p, d_p of each column. This enables us to readily consider the case of fixed-spin boundary conditions on the left and right-most columns. We thereby re-derive the simple direct product structure of the transfer matrix eigenvalues of this model, which is closely related to the superintegrable chiral Potts model with fixed-spin boundary conditions.Comment: 21 pages, 5 figure