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    'Hollow from the start'? Professional associations and the professionalisation of tourism

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    Occupations as diverse as nursing, journalism and marketing have strengthened their claim to professional status and current research suggests that professional associations played a critical part in the process of professionalisation. Following a review of three conceptual approaches to understanding contemporary professionalisation strategies, this paper examines the case of British tourism. It traces the historical development and assesses the current practice of the two main professional associations in the sector. The analysis shows that the ‘professionalisation project’ has largely failed and argues that contemporary frameworks for understanding professionalisation strategies are somewhat deficient when applied to tourism

    The toric Hilbert scheme of a rank two lattice is smooth and irreducible

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    The toric Hilbert scheme of a lattice L in Z^n is the multigraded Hilbert scheme parameterizing all ideals in k[x_1,...,x_n] with Hilbert function value one for every degree in the grading monoid N^n/L. In this paper we show that if L is two-dimensional, then the toric Hilbert scheme of L is smooth and irreducible. This result is false for lattices of dimension three and higher as the toric Hilbert scheme of a rank three lattice can be reducible.Comment: 19 pages, 4 figure

    Perfect colourings of isonemal fabrics by thin striping

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    Perfect colouring of isonemal fabrics by thin striping of warp and weft and the closely related topic of isonemal prefabrics that fall apart are reconsidered and their relation further explored. The catalogue of isonemal prefabrics that fall apart is extended to order 20 for those of even genus.Comment: 25 pages, 20 figure

    Research note: Measuring cultural values - The case of residents' attitudes to the Saltaire Festival

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    This research note discusses the findings and methodological issues arising from a cultural values survey of residents, particularly in relation to civic pride. In addition to offering insights to the particular case - the Saltaire Festival in the north of England - it provides an approach that might be used elsewhere

    Coded Cooperative Data Exchange for a Secret Key

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    We consider a coded cooperative data exchange problem with the goal of generating a secret key. Specifically, we investigate the number of public transmissions required for a set of clients to agree on a secret key with probability one, subject to the constraint that it remains private from an eavesdropper. Although the problems are closely related, we prove that secret key generation with fewest number of linear transmissions is NP-hard, while it is known that the analogous problem in traditional cooperative data exchange can be solved in polynomial time. In doing this, we completely characterize the best possible performance of linear coding schemes, and also prove that linear codes can be strictly suboptimal. Finally, we extend the single-key results to characterize the minimum number of public transmissions required to generate a desired integer number of statistically independent secret keys.Comment: Full version of a paper that appeared at ISIT 2014. 19 pages, 2 figure

    Claim Re-Construction: The Doctrine of Equivalents in the Post-Markman Era

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    In the post-Markman era, the Federal Circuit has focused attention on the public notice function of patent claims in equivalents cases, and it has come to emphasize precision and accuracy in claim drafting. This Article argues that recent judicial emphasis on the public notice function of patent claims is an inappropriate innovation policy. The demand for highly refined patent claims increases patent acquisition expenditures that are unlikely to increase social welfare, cause patent rights to be distributed unevenly, and are inconsistent with the structural features of the patent system. This Article presents two mechanisms to accommodate the doctrine of equivalents in the post-Markman era. One is the reinvigoration of the reissue proceeding. The other is allowing judicial amendment of patent claims during infringement litigation proceedings, much like the longstanding British practice. This shift would allow courts to pursue the policy goals of Markman for literal and equivalent infringement alike

    Theory of the Nucleon Spin-Polarizabilities II

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    Following up on the plenary talk given by Ulf Mei{\ss}ner, I discuss a generalization of the concept of nucleon spin-polarizabilities in terms of multipole excitation/de-excitation and present an overview of the available theoretical predictions for these elusive but interesting structure parameters of the nucleon.Comment: 4 pages, uses World Scientific style ws-p8-50x6-00.cls; talk given at GDH2000 meeting, Mainz, German
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