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    Invariants for E_0-semigroups on II_1 factors

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    We introduce four new cocycle conjugacy invariants for E_0-semigroups on II_1 factors: a coupling index, a dimension for the gauge group, a super product system and a C*-semiflow. Using noncommutative It\^o integrals we show that the dimension of the gauge group can be computed from the structure of the additive cocycles. We do this for the Clifford flows and even Clifford flows on the hyperfinite II_1 factor, and for the free flows on the free group factor L(F)L(F_\infty). In all cases the index is 0, which implies they have trivial gauge groups. We compute the super product systems for these families and, using this, we show they have trivial coupling index. Finally, using the C*-semiflow and the boundary representation of Powers and Alevras, we show that the families of Clifford flows and even Clifford flows contain infinitely many mutually non-cocycle-conjugate E_0-semigroups.Comment: 51 page

    Modeling of dilution jet flowfields

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    The present paper will compare temperature field measurements from selected cases in these investigations with distributions calculated with an empirical model based on assumed vertical profile similarity and superposition and with a 3-D elliptic code using a standard K-E turbulence model. The results will show the capability (or lack thereof) of the models to predict the effects of the principle flow and geometric variables