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    Implementation of Rfid (Radio Frequency Identification) for Student Attendance System

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    IBI Darmajaya is one of private university that located onBandar Lampung which still use manual attendance.that isuse attendance book every time student come or leave theclass. This final report has a purpose to build anattendance system prototype that use a RFID technologywhich is integrated with arduino to increase the disciplineattitude program of student s honesty IBI Darmajaya.The prototype of RFID attendance system consist ofseveral main components such as tags and card that willbe used in KTM (Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa) and reader thatwill be used to read the information related to the studentattendance. The result of this final project is a prototype ofRFID for student attendance which has a function to storestudent s attendace data, with a maximum range 5cm anda minimum read 0,7 second to do an optimalfunctionability

    Public Policy Implementation (the Implementation of Health Ministry Regulation Number 28 Year 2014 About the Guidelines for the Implementationof the National Health Insurance at the Genteng Hospital and the Bhakti Husada Hospital Banyuwangi)

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    : Public Policy Implementation (The Implementation of Health Ministry Regulation Number 28 Year 2014 about The Guidelines for The Implementation of The National Health Insurance at The Genteng Hospital and The Bhakti Husada Hospital Banyuwangi). The National Health Insurance (JKN) is the new program of the government to increase the health of Indonesian population. It becomes mandatory program for Indonesian people. JKN carried out through social insurance mechanism which society can participate in the program. The regulation number 28 year 2014 as the guideline for stakeholder to conduct the program. The result presents that the implementation of Regulation Number 28 year 2014 at the Genteng Hospital and the Bhakti Husada Hospital conducted well enough. The problems arises from the external factor such as lack of facility from the government in the medicine procurement, the funding process that take a long time, and the regulation of member administrative that often change

    Asas Proporsionalitas dalam Pembayaran Ganti Rugi melalui Asuransi dalam Kasus Malpraktik Dokter

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    In a malpractice medical insurance context, indemnity obligations of malpractice,particularly for improper practice performed by medical team, currently only based onoverall team fault, means every physician in the team should bear the compensation evenly.This scheme is not fair because the physician who did lower degree of mistakes must bear thecompensation as great as the physician with higher degree of mistakes. That is whyproporsional concept, based on the degree of the mistakes, for indemnity obligations needs tobe considered. However, this scheme will need some instruments that can align theresponsibility among the physician in the team. This instrument then can be used as a basisfor determining the degree of mistakes and further the level of compensation the physicianneed to bear with. This research is a normative legal research and using a statue approach,means legislation as the primary legal materials. In addition, this research also uses books,articles, and materials from the Internet, as well as direct interview with the competentparties as a secunder data. The results showed that because there are no rules governing thelaw of proporsionality in the legislation make the degree of mistakes is not used as basis fordetermining the compensations level. In fact there are instruments that can be used as basisto determine the degree of mistakes such as Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) andMedical Professional Standard. It is clear that the healthcare legislation should includeprovisions that govern the determination of the compensation by using proportionalapproach, in order to align the responsibility among the partie

    Motivasi Orangtua Memilih Bimbingan Belajar Omar Pekanbaru di Kota Pekanbaru

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    The parents enthusiasts of making their children succed in education were so big, they were racing and competing among them to choose and send their children to the best non formal education institution or simply a private course. The rapid growth of private courses in Pekanbaru city was caused by the high response and willingness of parents to send their children to study in a private course. Parents enthusiasts were bigger than their children enthusiasts in joining and studying in a private course, rarely the willingness and intention of studying in a private course purely came from the children because most of them were forced by their parents. The purpose of this study was to find out the parents characteristics and their motivation in choosing Omar Pekanbaru course as the nonformal educational institution to help their children in learning. This study applied descriptive qualitative analysis approach, which the number of the sample was 10 persons that were chosen by using purposive sampling method. They were parents who had chosen and sent their children to Omar Pekanbaru course for the last two years. The finding of the study indicated thet parents motivation to send their children in Omar Pekanbaru course consisted of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation and their characteristics were different in terms of their profession, educational background, income, family member, and tribe

    Perencanaan Struktur Gedung Bertingkat Studi Kasus : Sekolah Tahfidz Banjir Kanal Timur

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    Indonesia terletak di daerah rawan gempa, karena Indonesia merupakan Negara kepulauan yang terletak pada pertemuan empat lempeng tektonik, dalam perencanaan struktur gedung bertingkat memerlukan perhitungan beban gempa, Faktor yang paling berpengaruh adalah kekuatan struktur bangunan, seperti kolom, balok, dan plat lantai. Perancangan struktur beton bertulang pada struktur bangunan Sekolah Tahfidz Banjir Kanal Timur ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dan merencanakan struktur kolom, balok, plat lantai serta merencanakan bangunan gedung yang aman terhadap gempa. Perencanaan menggunakan program Etabs V9.7. Program ini digunakan untuk mengetahui beban static ekuivalen dan respons spectrum, kemudian data yang dihasilkan digunakan untuk perhitungan manual kebutuhan tulangan yang diperlukan untuk plat lantai, balok dan kolom. Berdasarkan hasil analisa yang telah dilakukan menggunakan Program Etabs V9.7 dengan memasukan beban gempa static ekuivalen dan respons spectrum, diperoleh dimensi plat lantai dengan ukuran 6x8m, 2.5x8m, 4x8m, dengan tebal 120mm kemudian dari hasil tersebut diperoleh tulangan D19-150, plat lantai dengan ukuran 8x8m dengan tebal 200mm kemudian dari hasil diperoleh tulangan D19-150, plat lantai 6x8m lt atap dan 8x8 lt atap dengan tebal 100mm kemudian dari hasil diperoleh tulangan D19-150. Dimensi kolom K1 750x750mm, diperoleh tulangan 28D25. Dimensi balok diperoleh B1 350x650 panjang 8m diperoleh tulangan positif 5D25, tulangan negatif 10D25 dan tulangan geser ᴓ10-250. Dimensi balok diperoleh B2 350x650 panjang 6m diperoleh tulangan positif 4D25, tulangan negatif 8D25 dan tulangan geser ᴓ10-250

    Hubungan Antara Konformitas Dengan Perilaku Konsumtif Dalam Pembelian Tas Melalui Online Shop Pada Mahasiswi Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Ilmu Politik (Fisip) Dan Fakultas Ilmu Budaya (Fib) Universitas Diponegoro

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    Perilaku konsumtif adalah keinginan mengonsumsi produk secara berlebihan dan tidak wajar yang dipengaruhi oleh faktor eksternal dan faktor internal. Salah satu faktor eksternal adalah kelompok referensi. Penelitian ini bertujuanuntuk mengetahui hubungan antara konformitas dengan perilaku konsumtif pembelian tas melalui online shop pada mahasiswi FISIP dan FIB Universitas Diponegoro. Subjek penelitian berjumlah 198 mahasiswi yang didapatkandengan teknik convenience sampling. Alat ukur yang digunakan adalah Skala Perilaku Konsumtif (26 aitem ; α = 0,905) dan Skala Konformitas (28 ; α = 0,841). Teknik analisis data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalahanalisis regresi sederhana. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan ada hubungan positif antara konformitas dengan perilaku konsumtif dalam pembelian tas melalui online shop (rxy = 0,402 ; (p<0,05). Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa semakin tinggi konformitas, maka semakin tinggi perilaku konsumtif terhadap pembelian tas melalui online shop pada mahasiswi. Konformitas memberikan sumbangan efektif sebesar 16% pada perilaku konsumtif

    Alat Pemantau Pengosongan Akumulator 12v/ 5ah Berbasis Arduiono Uno

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    Tsamaroh Nidaa Putri, Priyo Sasmoko explains that accumulator is a combination of several pieces of cells used for altering the chemical energy into electricity energy used in motor vehicles. Accumulators are used continuously will shrink and drop so it needs to be recharged. To know the state of the battery voltage drop experienced the need for a measurement to determine the ability of the accumulator. Design manufacture accumulator discharge monitoring tool consists of a voltage divider circuit to know the big accumulator voltage in percentage form. Used also an ACS712 current sensor to detect the discharge current and LM35 temperature sensor to determine the temperature of the accumulator. The control system used is the Arduino UNO microcontroller and an LCD for displaying the measurement data. Normal voltage ranges accumulator 12,5V - 13,8V. Accumulator with a capacity of 5Ah takes 8 hours to process discharge when using 20 watt lamp load. If the voltage of the first accumulator on the LCD shows the percentage of 0 % then automatically the system will work to discharge for a second accumulator. The duration of use depends on the large accumulator load used. Keyword:Accumulator, ACS712, capacity accumulator, Arduino UNOReferencesAgustin, Leonandi. 2015. Rancang Bangun Sistem Monitoring Kondisi Aki Pada Kendaraan Bermotor. Skripsi. Universitas Tanjungpura Pontianak.Andri, Helly. 2010. Rancang Bangun System Battery Charging Automatic. Skripsi S1 Teknik Elektro Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia.Asnan, Zainal. 2007. Alat Pengecekan Kapasitas Aki (Accu) Berbasis Personal Computer. Skripsi. Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya.Bishop, Owen. 2004. Dasar-dasar Elektronika. Jakarta: Erlangga, Alih Bahasa Irzam Harmein.Fadli, Usman. 2015. Aplikasi Sensor Arus ACS712 Dan Borland Delphi 7.0 untuk Monitoring Penggunaan Daya Listrik pada Rumah Berbasis Arduino UNO. Tugas Akhir. Universitas Diponegoro.Frank D. Petruzella., 2001, Elektronika Industri. Yogyakarta: Penerbit ANDI, Penerjemah Suminto, Drs. MA.,Kadir, Abdul. 2013. Panduan Praktis Mempelajari Aplikasi Mikrokontroler dan Pemrogamannya Menggunakan Arduino. Yogyakarta: Penerbit ANDI.Marpaung, May Harpri Rabiman. 2014. Monitoring Suhu dengan Menggunakan Sensor Suhu LM35 Serta Pengaturan Suhu Pada Otomatisasi Dispenser Berbasis Arduino UNO dengan Tampilan LCD. Tugas Akhir. Universitas Diponegoro.Salim, Emil. 2014. Perancangan dan Implementasi Telemetri Suhu Berbasis Arduino UNO, Skripsi. Universitas Sumatra Utara.Setiyawan, Danang Duwi. 2015. Pengisi Baterai Akumulator Otomatis Berbasis Mikrokontroller. Tugas Akhir. Universitas Gajah Mada.Tooley, Michael. 2003. Rangkaian Elektronik Prinsip dan Aplikasi. Jakarta: Erlangga, Alih Bahasa Irzam Harmei