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    Various representations of infrared effective lattice QCD

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    We study various representations of the infrared effective theory of SU(2) gluodynamics starting from the monopole action derived recently. We determine the coupling constants in the abelian-Higgs model directly from lattice QCD and evaluate the type of the QCD vacuum. The string action is derived using the BKT transformation on the lattice. At the classical level this action reproduces the physical string tension with a good accuracy.Comment: 3 pages, LaTeX, 2 figures; talk presented at LATTICE9

    Existence of Chiral-Asymmetric Zero Modes in the Background of QCD-Monopoles

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    We study topological aspects of the QCD vacuum structure in SU(2) lattice gauge theory with the abelian gauge fixing. The index of the Dirac operator is measured by using the Wilson fermion in the quenched approximation. We find chiral-asymmetric zero modes in background fields dominated by QCD-monopoles without any cooling.Comment: 3 pages, Latex, 4 figures. Talk presented by S. Sasaki at XV International Symposium on 'Lattice Field Theory (LATTICE 97)', July 22 - 26, 1997, Edinburgh, U

    Localized eigenmodes of the covariant lattice Laplacian

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    We study numerically the eigenmode spectrum of the covariant lattice Laplacian, in the fundamental SU(2) color group representation. It is found that eigenmodes at the lower and upper ends of the spectrum are localized, and that the localization volume scales. In contrast, the eigenmodes of the lattice Faddeev-Popov operator are all extended rather than localized (as required for confinement) despite the similarity of the kinetic and Faddeev-Popov operators.Comment: Talk presented by J. Greensite at Lattice2005 (Topology and Confinement), Dublin, July 25-30, 2005; 6 pages, 4 figures, uses PoS.cls; to appear in Proceedings of Scienc

    A Conclusive Test of Abelian Dominance Hypothesis for Topological Charge in the QCD Vacuum

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    We study the topological feature in the QCD vacuum based on the hypothesis of abelian dominance. The topological charge QSU(2)Q_{\rm SU(2)} can be explicitly represented in terms of the monopole current in the abelian dominated system. To appreciate its justification, we directly measure the corresponding topological charge QMonoQ_{\rm Mono}, which is reconstructed only from the monopole current and the abelian component of gauge fields, by using the Monte Carlo simulation on SU(2) lattice. We find that there exists a one-to-one correspondence between QSU(2)Q_{\rm SU(2)} and QMonoQ_{\rm Mono} in the maximally abelian gauge. Furthermore, QMonoQ_{\rm Mono} is classified by approximately discrete values.Comment: LATTICE98(confine), 3 pages, Latex, 3 figures include
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