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    Neutrino Oscillations with the MINOS, MINOS+, T2K, and NOvA Experiments

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    This paper discusses recent results and near-term prospects of the long-baseline neutrino experiments MINOS, MINOS+, T2K and NOvA. The non-zero value of the third neutrino mixing angle {\theta}13 allows experimental analysis in a manner which explicitly exhibits appearance and disappearance dependencies on additional parameters associated with mass-hierarchy, CP violation, and any non-maximal {\theta}23. These current and near-future experiments begin the era of precision accelerator long-baseline measurements and lay the framework within which future experimental results will be interpreted.Comment: 41 pages, 36 figures, submitted to New Journal of Physic

    Flow\u27r Of France Bloom Again

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    Pretty Little Rainbow : An Indian Love Song

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    I\u27m Knitting A Rosary

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    Pretty Little Rainbow / music by Vincent C. Plunkett; words by Robert Levinson

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    Key of F. Cover: a drawing of an native American Woman in the moonlight; Publisher: Joe Morris Music Co. (New York)https://egrove.olemiss.edu/sharris_c/1170/thumbnail.jp