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    Análisis de Las Capacidades Emprendedoras Potenciales y Efectivas en Alumnos de Centros de Educación Superior

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    There were identified four factors that determine the enterprising potential capacity of a pupil belonging to higher education centers (attributes of the entrepreneur, interpersonal capacities, capacities opposite to the risk and attitude of the entrepreneur). On having organized into a hierarchy using the AHP method, it concluded the vectors of priority giving a major importance for attitude and attributes of the entrepreneur, which as a whole represent 76%. The index of enterprising potential capacity was 74% and the percentage of pupils with effective enterprising capacity was 16%. This gap of development of enterprising capacity represents a strategic challenge for each higher education centers, to contribute to its value and in addition to the local, regional and national development. There proposes a model of analysis of the enterprising capacities, who would allow significant achievements in the formation of effective enterprising capacities