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    Intersections of self-gravitating charged shells in a Reissner-Nordstrom field

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    We describe the equation of motion of two charged spherical shells with tangential pressure in the field of a central Reissner-Nordstrom (RN) source. We solve the problem of determining the motion of the two shells \textsl{after} the intersection by solving the related Einstein-Maxwell equations and by requiring a physical continuity condition on the shells velocities. We consider also four applications: post-Newtonian and ultra-relativistic approximations, a test-shell case, and the ejection mechanism of one shell. This work is a direct generalization of Barkov-Belinski-Bisnovati-Kogan paper.Comment: 21 pages, 1 figure;v3 added reference

    On the semiclassical treatment of Hawking radiation

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    In the context of the semiclassical treatment of Hawking radiation we prove the universality of the reduced canonical momentum for the system of a massive shell self gravitating in a spherical gravitational field within the Painlev\'e family of gauges. We show that one can construct modes which are regular on the horizon both by considering as hamiltonian the exterior boundary term and by using as hamiltonian the interior boundary term. The late time expansion is given in both approaches and their time Fourier expansion computed to reproduce the self reaction correction to the Hawking spectrum.Comment: 18 pages, LaTeX, Corrected typo

    Subacute pericardial abscess after aortic valve replacement: a case report

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    BACKGROUND: Purulent pericarditis is an infectious disease, frequently caused by gram-positive bacteria, that is rarely observed in healthy individuals, and is often associated with predisposing conditions. CASE PRESENTATION: Here, we present the case of an Escherichia coli post-surgical localized purulent pericarditis complicated by transient constrictive pericarditis and its diagnostic and therapeutic management. CONCLUSIONS: Our case report focuses on the importance of imaging-guided treatment of purulent pericardial diseases, in particular on the emerging role of 18\u2009F-labelled 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography in pericardial diseases and on the management of transient constrictive pericarditis, often seen after thoracic surgery

    Effect of fibre configurations on mechanical properties of flax/tannin composites.

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    Flax reinforced tannin-based composites have a potential to be used in vehicle applications due to the environmental advantages and good mechanical properties. In this paper, the effects of fibre configuration on mechanical properties of flax/tannin composites were investigated for nonwoven and woven fabric lay-up angles (UD, [0°, 90°]2 and [0°, +45°, 90°, -45°]2). The tannin/flax composites were prepared by compression moulding. The manufactured specimens were then characterized for quasi-static tensile properties, dynamic mechanical properties and low-energy impact performance. Failure mechanism was further investigated using microscopy and demonstrated the need for further adhesion improvements. The study shows that the UD fabric reinforced composite performs better in tensile strength and modulus whereas [0°, +45°, 90°, -45°]2 composite provides the best impact energy absorption performance

    Early detection of pleuro-pulmonary tuberculosis by bedside lung ultrasound: A case report and review of literature

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    We present a case in which lung ultrasound (LUS) was relevant to reach an early diagnosis of lung tuberculosis and to manage the patient in the right setting. Moreover, ultrasound allowed to detect and treat massive pleural effusion through an ultrasound-guided thoracentesis

    Charged membrane as a source for repulsive gravity

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    We demonstrate an alternative (with respect to the ones existing in literature) and more habitual for physicists derivation of exact solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations for the motion of a charged spherical membrane with tangential tension. We stress that the physically acceptable range of parameters for which the static and stable state of the membrane producing the Reissner-Nordstrom (RN) repulsive gravity effect exists. The concrete realization of such state for the Nambu-Goto membrane is described. The point is that membrane are able to cut out the central naked singularity region and at the same time to join in appropriate way the RN repulsive region. As result we have a model of an everywhere-regular material source exhibiting a repulsive gravitational force in the vicinity of its surface: this construction gives a more sensible physical status to the RN solution in the naked singularity case.Comment: Accepted for publication in IJMPD, 17-07-2008; 16 pages, 1 figur

    Whole genome integrity and enhanced developmental potential in ram freeze-dried spermatozoa at mild sub-zero temperature

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    Freeze-dried spermatozoa typically shows a reduction in fertility primarily due to the DNA damage resulting from the sublimation process. In order to minimize the physical/mechanical damage resulting from lyophilization, here we focused on the freezing phase, comparing two cooling protocols: (i) rapid-freezing, where ram sperm sample is directly plunged into liquid nitrogen (LN-group), as currently done; (ii) slow-freezing, where the sample is progressively cooled to − 50 Â°C (SF-group). The spermatozoa dried in both conditions were analysed to assess residual water content by Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) and DNA integrity using Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA). TGA revealed more than 90% of water subtraction in both groups. A minor DNA damage, Double-Strand Break (DSB) in particular, characterized by a lower degree of abnormal chromatin structure (Alpha-T), was detected in the SF-group, comparing to the LN-one. In accordance with the structural and DNA integrity data, spermatozoa from SF-group had the best embryonic development rates, comparing to LN-group: cleaved embryos [42/100 (42%) versus 19/75 (25.3%), P < 0.05, SL and LN respectively] and blastocyst formation [7/100 (7%) versus 2/75 (2.7%), P < 0.05, SF and LN respectively]. This data represents a significant technological advancement for the development of lyophilization as a valuable and cheaper alternative to deep-freezing in LN for ram semen
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