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    Dynamical Correlation Theory for an Escape Process

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    A dynamical theory which incorporates the electron-electron correlations and the effects of external magnetic fields for an electron escaping from a helium surface is presented. The degrees of freedom in the calculation of the escape rate is reduced from 3N3N to 3 as compared with other approach. Explicit expressions for the escape rate in various situations are obtained. In particular, in the weak parallel magnetic field limit the tunneling rate has an exponential dependence quadratic with magnetic field strength and an unusual exponential increase linear with temperature.Comment: 12pages latex, University of Washington, Seattl

    Nonequilibrium Steady State Driven by a Nonlinear Drift Force

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    We investigate the properties of the nonequilibrium steady state for the stochastic system driven by a nonlinear drift force and influenced by noises which are not identically and independently distributed. The nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) current results from a residual part of the drift force which is not cancelled by the diffusive action of noises. From our previous study for the linear drift force the NESS current was found to circulate on the equiprobability surface with the maximum at a stable fixed point of the drift force. For the nonlinear drift force, we use the perturbation theory with respect to the cubic and quartic coefficients of the drift force. We find an interesting potential landscape picture where the probability maximum shifts from the fixed point of the drift force and, furthermore, the NESS current has a nontrivial circulation which flows off the equiprobability surface and has various centers not located at the probability maximum. The theoretical result is well confirmed by the computer simulation.Comment: 10 pages, 4 figure