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    NATSEM household budget report: cost of living and standard of living indexes for Australia, June 2013

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    Abstract NATSEM’s quarterly Household Budget Report introduces new national measures of cost of living and standard of living for Australian households. The report broadens the cost of living debate by the inclusion of household incomes into a new standard of living index. This new quarterly report provides new insights into the movement of the cost of living, incomes and the related standard of living for a range of different household types, including income levels, main source of income, renters, mortgagors, family type and states. The report finds that cost of living increases in Australia are benign and that household incomes have increased strongly, with household disposable incomes increasing by $15,861 per year compared with 1988 after accounting for cost of living increases

    Integrating Human Expert Knowledge with OpenAI and ChatGPT: A Secure and Privacy-Enabled Knowledge Acquisition Approach

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    Advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) struggle to produce accurate results and preserve user privacy for use cases involving domain-specific knowledge. A privacy-preserving approach for leveraging LLM capabilities on domain-specific knowledge could greatly expand the use cases of LLMs in a variety of disciplines and industries. This project explores a method for acquiring domain-specific knowledge for use with GPT3 while protecting sensitive user information with ML-based text-sanitization

    2017 Seedless Pickling Cucumber Variety Trial

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    This is a compilation of 18 research trial reports from four land-grant universities in the Midwestern United States. Crops include cantaloupe, pickling cucumber, pepper, potato, pumpkin, summer squash and zucchini, sweet corn, tomato, and watermelon. Somecrops were evaluated in high tunnels or hoophouses. Most trials evaluated different cultivars or varieties. One report addressed plant spacing for sweet corn and one addressed soil block for production of tomato seedlings. A list of vegetable seed sources and a list of other online sources of vegetable trial reports are also included
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