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    Administrative Information Systems In an International Research Environment

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    We present here the administrative IT tools deployed at CERN, to support our international collaborative research environment. CERN specific requirements are presented together with our solutions to support them. Finally a simple quantitative analysis of costs and benefits is presented for a few selected areas

    Postural assessment of patients with non-conventional knee endoprosthesis

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    Objective:To investigate the correlation between the sagittal and frontal alignment and possible postural asymmetries found in patients submitted to total knee stent placement for osteosarcoma.Methods:Twenty two individuals were divided into two groups according to tumor location: femur group (13 patients) and tibia group (nine patients), who were evaluated through postural analysis software (SAPO).Results:No statistically significant difference was found between groups, supporting previous result showing that both groups present the same postural asymmetries.Conclusion:We conclude that both groups have the same postural imbalances, especially the knee of the affected limb that presents hyperextension and center of gravity shifted anteriorly and laterally to the non-affected limb, indicating changes in weight bearing and influencing the gait pattern and balance. Level of Evidence II, Prospective Comparative Study.Universidade Federal de S√£o Paulo (UNIFESP) Instituto de Oncologia Pedi√°tricaUNIFESP, Instituto de Oncologia Pedi√°tricaSciEL

    A Zinc-Mediated Deprotective Annulation Approach to New Polycyclic Heterocycles

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    A straightforward approach to new polycyclic heterocycles, 1H-benzo[4,5]imidazo[1,2-c][1,3]oxazin-1-ones, is presented. It is based on the ZnCl2-promoted deprotective 6-endo-dig heterocyclization of N-Boc-2-alkynylbenzimidazoles under mild conditions (CH2Cl2, 40 ¬įC for 3 h). The zinc center plays a dual role, as it promotes Boc deprotection (with formation of the tert-butyl carbocation, which can be trapped by substrates bearing a nucleophilic group) and activates the triple bond toward intramolecular nucleophilic attack by the carbamate group. The structure of representative products has been confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis

    Addiction in Europe, 1860s-1960s: Concepts and Responses in Italy, Poland, Austria, and the United Kingdom

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    Concepts play a central part in the formulation of problems and proposed solutions to the use of substances. This article reports the initial results from a cross European historical study, carried out to a common methodology, of the language of addiction and policy responses in two key periods, 1860‚Äď1930 and the 1950s and 1960s. It concludes that the language of addiction was varied and nonstandard in the first period. The Anglo-American model of inebriety did not apply across Europe but there was a common focus on theories of heredity and national degeneration. After World War II, there was a more homogenous language but still distinct national differences in emphasis and national interests and policy responses to different substances. More research will be needed to deepen understanding of the conditions under which these changes took place and the social and policy appeal of disease theories
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