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    Col路laboraci贸 2.0: El futur de la divulgaci贸 cient铆fica

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    La divulgaci贸 cient铆fica ha d鈥檃frontar un nou escenari on l鈥檈scassetat d鈥檌nformaci贸 ha estat substitu茂da per l鈥檃bund脿ncia d鈥檌nformaci贸, que a m茅s comen莽a a ser generalment gratu茂ta i produ茂da per aficionats i, en alguns casos, amb la mateixa o superior qualitat que la professional. Sembla imposar-se, en conseq眉猫ncia, una col路laboraci贸 entre l鈥櫭爉bit professional i l鈥檃ficionat, 脿mbits separats per una l铆nia divis貌ria que ja s鈥檋a desdibuixat

    Hallazgos histopatol贸gicos y malignidad de masas suprarrenales en un centro de patolog铆a y citolog铆a en Bucaramanga, Santander entre 2007 y 2019

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     Introduction Masses found in the adrenal gland can be classified according to their origin, behavior, location, function and manner of diagnosis. In Colombia there are insufficient data describing the frequency and main histopathological characteristics of these lesions. The aim of this manuscript is to describe the main histopathological findings and malignancy of adrenal masses in a medical center specialized in pathology in Bucaramanga, Santander. Methodology. Descriptive and retrospective study. Pathologies of patients of all ages with histopathologic alterations in the adrenal gland were reviewed in a medical center in Bucaramanga, Santander. Results. Seventy-nine adrenal pathologies were reviewed, of which 39 showed adrenal gland lesions. The most frequent lesion found was metastasis (28.2 %), and the most frequent location of the lesion was in the right gland (62.1 %). Conclusion. It is essential that prospective studies be carried out to obtain epidemiological data in order to generate local data.Introducci贸n. Las masas encontradas en la gl谩ndula suprarrenal pueden clasificarse de acuerdo con su origen, comportamiento, localizaci贸n, funci贸n y forma de diagn贸stico. En Colombia no existen datos suficientes que describan la frecuencia y las principales caracter铆sticas histopatol贸gicas de dichas lesiones. El objetivo del presente manuscrito es describir los principales hallazgos histopatol贸gicos y la malignidad de las masas suprarrenales en un centro m茅dico especializado en patolog铆a de Bucaramanga, Santander. Metodolog铆a. Estudio descriptivo y retrospectivo. Se revisaron patolog铆as de pacientes de todas las edades con alteraciones histopatol贸gicas en la gl谩ndula suprarrenal, en un centro m茅dico de Bucaramanga, Santander. Resultados. Se revisaron 79 patolog铆as suprarrenales de las cuales 39 presentaron lesi贸n a nivel de la gl谩ndula suprarrenal, la lesi贸n m谩s frecuente encontrada fue la met谩stasis (28.2%), y la localizaci贸n de lesi贸n m谩s frecuente se evidenci贸 en la gl谩ndula derecha (62.1%). Conclusi贸n. Es fundamental que se realicen estudios prospectivos que permitan obtener datos epidemiol贸gicos con el fin de generar datos locales

    La elecci贸n de gobernador de Baja California. Bipartidismo, votos y abstencionismo, 1953-2021

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    The article presents a historical account of the results of the Baja California governor election between 1953 and 2021. Through the percentages of votes obtained by the various parties and coalitions, the hegemonies of the PRI and the PAN and their bipartisan coexistence are explained, as well as the emergence of MORENA on the local scene and its role as the new hegemonic party and the new bipartisanship. Likewise, the high level of abstentionism in the state is discussed, which is reflected in the low vote obtained by the candidates for governor who have won their election. The objective of the article is to share with the reader the elements that make the Baja California gubernatorial election a relevant object of observation in Mexico.El art铆culo expone un recuento hist贸rico de los resultados de la elecci贸n de gobernador de Baja California entre 1953 y 2021. A trav茅s de los porcentajes de votos obtenidos por los diversos partidos y coaliciones, se explican las hegemon铆as del PRI y el PAN y su convivencia bipartidista, as铆 como la irrupci贸n de MORENA en el escenario local y su rol de nuevo partido hegem贸nico y los nuevos bipartidismos. Asimismo, se discute acerca del alto nivel de abstencionismo en el estado, el cual se refleja en la baja votaci贸n obtenida por los candidatos a gobernador que han ganado su elecci贸n. El objetivo del art铆culo es compartir con el lector los elementos que hacen de la elecci贸n de gobernador de Baja California un objeto de observaci贸n relevante en M茅xico

    Administracion Y Control De Una Distribucion Gnu/Linux Basada En Ubuntu Con Servidor De Zentyal

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    Zentyal es una distribuci贸n de open software, es un servidor de red unificado de c贸digo abierto que nos permite gestionar la infraestructura en la red por medio de puertas de enlace a internet; se pretende implementar servicios de infraestructura IT enfocados a medios intranet y extranet a trav茅s de 5 tem谩ticas establecidas. Se implementan los servicios DHCP server, DNS server y controlador de dominio, implementaci贸n y configuraci贸n de proxy no transparente, configuraci贸n detallada para la restricci贸n al acceso de sitio web, configuraci贸n del controlador del dominio LDPA y la creaci贸n de una VPN que permita establecer un t煤nel privado de comunicaci贸n a una estaci贸n de trabajoZentyal is an open software distribution, it is an open source unified network server that allows us to manage the infrastructure in the network through Internet gateways; It is intended to implement IT infrastructure services focused on intranet and extranet media through 5 established themes. DHCP server, DNS server and domain controller services are implemented, non-transparent proxy configuration and implementation, detailed configuration for restricting website access, LDPA domain controller configuration, and the creation of a VPN that allows establishing a tunnel private communication to a workstatio

    Un an谩lisis comparativo entre algunas publicaciones especializadas en educaci贸n en Am茅rica Latina

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    La educaci贸n es el fundamento para la construcci贸n de todo individuo en cada sociedad. Es con base en ella que se eval煤a el desarrollo de un pa铆s, incluso cuando no sea un acto consciente. Esta investigaci贸n se basa en un estudio de car谩cter exploratorio donde se comparan las tem谩ticas tratadas en publicaciones de revistas investigativas colombianas con otras de Latinoam茅rica, para analizar cu谩l es su impacto sobre los problemas sociales existentes en cada pa铆s

    Physicochemical Characteristics of Transferon茠 Batches

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    Transferon, a biotherapeutic agent that has been used for the past 2 decades for diseases with an inflammatory component, has been approved by regulatory authorities in Mexico (COFEPRIS) for the treatment of patients with herpes infection. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of Transferon is based on polydispersion of peptides that have been extracted from lysed human leukocytes by a dialysis process and a subsequent ultrafiltration step to select molecules below 10 kDa. To physicochemically characterize the drug product, we developed chromatographic methods and an SDS-PAGE approach to analyze the composition and the overall variability of Transferon. Reversed-phase chromatographic profiles of peptide populations demonstrated batch-tobatch consistency from 10 representative batches that harbored 4 primary peaks with a relative standard deviation (RSD) of less than 7%. Aminogram profiles exhibited 17 proteinogenic amino acids and showed that glycine was the most abundant amino acid, with a relative content of approximately 18%. Further, based on their electrophoretic migration, the peptide populations exhibited a molecular mass of about 10 kDa. Finally, we determined the Transferon fingerprint using a mass spectrometry tool. Because each batch was produced from independent pooled buffy coat samples from healthy donors, supplied by a local blood bank, our results support the consistency of the production of Transferon and reveal its peptide identity with regard to its physicochemical attributes

    The nature of the Cygnus extreme B supergiant 2MASS J20395358+4222505

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    2MASS J20395358+4222505 is an obscured early B supergiant near the massive OB star association Cygnus OB2. Despite its bright infrared magnitude (Ks = 5.82) it has remained largely ignored because of its dim optical magnitude (B = 16.63, V = 13.68). In a previous paper, we classified it as a highly reddened, potentially extremely luminous, early B-type supergiant. We obtained its spectrum in the U, B and R spectral bands during commissioning observations with the instrument MEGARA at the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS. It displays a particularly strong H伪 emission for its spectral type, B1鈥塈a. The star seems to be in an intermediate phase between supergiant and hypergiant, a group that it will probably join in the near (astronomical) future. We observe a radial velocity difference between individual observations and determine the stellar parameters, obtaining Teff = 24鈥000 K and log鈥塯c = 2.88 卤 0.15. The rotational velocity found is large for a B supergiant, v鈥塻in鈥塱 = 110 卤 25 kms鈭1鈦. The abundance pattern is consistent with solar, with a mild C鈥塽nderabundance (based on a single line). Assuming that J20395358+4222505 is at the distance of Cyg OB2, we derive the radius from infrared photometry, finding R = 41.2 卤 4.0 R鈯, log(L/L鈯) = 5.71 卤 0.04 and a spectroscopic mass of 46.5 卤 15.0 M鈯. The clumped mass-loss rate (clumping factor 10) is very high for the spectral type, M藱 = 2.4 脳 10鈭6 M鈯 a鈭1. The high rotational velocity and mass-loss rate place the star at the hot side of the bi-stability jump. Together with the nearly solar CNO abundance pattern, they may also point to evolution in a binary system, J20395358+4222505 being the initial secondary.SS-D and AH acknowledge support from the Spanish Government Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovaci贸n through grants PGC-2018-091 3741-B-C22 and CEX2019-000920-S and from the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI), of the Canary Islands Government, and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), under grant with reference ProID2020010016. MG and FN acknowledge financial support through Spanish grant PID2019-105552RB-C41 (MINECO/MCIU/AEI/FEDER) and from the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) through the Unidad de Excelencia 鈥楳ar铆a de Maeztu鈥-Centro de Astrobiolog铆a (CSIC-INTA) project No. MDM-2017-0737. SRB acknowledges support by the Spanish Government under grants AYA2015-68012-C2-2-P and PGC2018-093741-B-C21/C22 (MICIU/AEI/FEDER, UE). SRA acknowledges funding support from the FONDECYT Iniciaci贸n project 11171025 and the FONDECYT Regular project 1201490. JIP acknowledges finantial support from projects Estallidos6 AYA2016-79724-C4 (Spanish Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad), Estallidos7 PID2019-107408GB-C44 (Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion), grant P18-FR-2664 (Junta de Andaluc铆a), and grant SEV-2017-0709 鈥楥entro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa Program鈥 (Spanish Science Ministry). AGP, SP, AG-M, JG and NC acknowledge support from the Spanish MCI through project RTI2018-096188-B-I00

    Geoqu铆mica y mineralog铆a de la mina La Pava, Muzo-Qu铆pama: implicaciones en la exploraci贸n de esmeraldas en Colombia

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    La mina La Pava es parte del distrito esmerald铆fero de Muzo-Qu铆pama, Colombia; all铆 la presencia de esmeraldas se asocia con pelitas de la Formaci贸n Muzo. La mineralizaci贸n es controlada espacialmente por el Anticlinal de La Pava 鈥攗n pliegue por propagaci贸n de falla鈥 y se restringe a zonas que han experimentado intensa alteraci贸n hidrotermal (albitizaci贸n y carbonatizaci贸n). Los principales rasgos observados en las venas productivas son las asociaciones paragen茅ticas de albita-xenotimo-fluorapatito y calcita-dolomita, los cuales van acompa帽ados de anomal铆as geoqu铆micas positivas de Y, P, Mn y Mg. Adicionalmente, se presentan anomal铆as negativas de Li-Cs-Be-Ti que representan indicadores consistentes de la lixiviaci贸n de estos elementos en las rocas y su posterior concentraci贸n en venas y brechas hidrotermales. Se concluye que en La Pava existen par谩metros estructurales, estratigr谩ficos, mineral贸gicos y geoqu铆micos que permiten identificar bloques potenciales para hospedar mineralizaciones de esmeraldas.The La Pava mine is located in the Muzo-Qu铆pama district, Colombia; there, the emeralds are hosted by pelites from the Muzo Formation. The mineralization is spatially associated with the La Pava Anticline 鈥攁 faultpropagation fold鈥 and restricted to strongly altered zones (albitized and carbonatized). The main features displayed by the fertile veins are the mineral assemblages that include albite-xenotime-fluorapatite and calcitedolomite, and their corresponding positive geochemical anomalies: Y, P, Mn, and Mg. Moreover, there is a consistent negative anomaly of Li-Cs-Be-Ti, which means these elements were effectively leached from the host rocks and subsequently concentrated as infill products in the hydrothermal veins. As a concluding remark, we identified a sort of parameters, regarding structures, stratigraphy, mineralogy, and geochemistry, that can be useful in defining exploration targets for emerald deposits

    Measurement of the cosmic ray spectrum above 410184{\times}10^{18} eV using inclined events detected with the Pierre Auger Observatory

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    A measurement of the cosmic-ray spectrum for energies exceeding 410184{\times}10^{18} eV is presented, which is based on the analysis of showers with zenith angles greater than 6060^{\circ} detected with the Pierre Auger Observatory between 1 January 2004 and 31 December 2013. The measured spectrum confirms a flux suppression at the highest energies. Above 5.310185.3{\times}10^{18} eV, the "ankle", the flux can be described by a power law EE^{-\gamma} with index =2.700.02(stat)0.1(sys)\gamma=2.70 \pm 0.02 \,\text{(stat)} \pm 0.1\,\text{(sys)} followed by a smooth suppression region. For the energy (EsE_\text{s}) at which the spectral flux has fallen to one-half of its extrapolated value in the absence of suppression, we find Es=(5.120.25(stat)1.2+1.0(sys))1019E_\text{s}=(5.12\pm0.25\,\text{(stat)}^{+1.0}_{-1.2}\,\text{(sys)}){\times}10^{19} eV.Comment: Replaced with published version. Added journal reference and DO